33 Mens Fade Haircuts 2019 Best Styles + Variations

Mens Fade haircuts have become a Massive Trend in the last few years and is set to sky rocket in 2019 and for good reason. A fade or taper adds interest to a dull part of the haircut the sides ! for years men have just gone to a barbers shop and asked for short back + Sides which is a grade 1 – 8 straight up.

The great thing about fades are they work perfectly with the most upto date Mens Hairstyles for 2019 ie: Fauxhawk Fade, French Crop Fade, Curly on top, Side Part / Comb Over or Even Buzz Cuts + Fade. There so versitile.

What a fade dose is starts off shorter at the lowest point of the haircut the nape & ears then gets longer as it gets to the top of the sides.

We can start off really short with a Razor called a Bald or Skin Fade or a Grade 1 “Comb Guard” getting longer to a grade 2 -3 

Image Mens Fade Haircuts

mens fade haircuts
Fade Haircut Explanation 

Then we have the Fade Haircut variations.

Low Fade Mens Haircut

The low Fade pictured below is where the shortest part of the fade only just goes up about 1cm 1/4 inch above the ear then the gets longer.  Low fades suit medium to longer thick hair. This is the most subtle fade, but works great as most men get annoyed with there hair when it touches there ear tops. This low fade can make the hair cut last a little longer being shorter round the ears.

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By ryancullenhair

Mid Fade Mens Haircut

As we can see in the Mid Fade Haircut image below. The shortest part of the hair goes halfway up the side a good 1/2 to 3/4 inch or 3 – 4 cm its a more predominant fade. It feels the gap between the more aggressive high fade and the discreet low fade.

mens fade haircuts 2019

High Fade Mens Haircut

As we can see the high fade goes real short real high. It makes the haircut striking it adds more emphasis to the textured top section. Boom its the French Crop Fade. 

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By simon.ghost

Bald / Skin Fade Mens Haircuts

This is an ultra aggresive version of the fade its razored nearly to the top not for the faint hearted but super cool. As we can see you can ask your barber to fade out your beard also.

Mens hairstyles 2019
Created By M.dson_Barber

Temple Fade + Curls

This is a minimalist fade looks great on Black or Curly hair. It goes from the temple to the front of the ear + slight nape fade.

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mens fade haircuts 2019

Drop Fade

A drop fade is where the fade goes from the temple and curves around the ear to the nape of the neck.

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By bosnea_barber

Styling Hack: Keep your fades salon fresh + Beard Trim with this Awesome futuristic designed Remington Pro Shortcut Clipper ergonomically designed for super easy home styling. Comes complete with 9 combs to cut hair to any length. Once charged we have 40 mins cutting time or plugin for unlimited cutting easy clean blades.

Super Low Mens Fade Haircuts

mens fade haircuts

This is a real low drop fade just to say higher than the ear.

Drop Fade + Curls

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By privilege_barber

Super Cool how this drop fade slices through and enhances the mass of curls up top.

Classic Barber Shop Fade Video

Matte Faux hawk Fade Haircuts

mens fade hairstyles 2019
Created By callum.ghost

Mens medium fade haircuts are Bang On Point. Not as harsh as high skin fade, but they still blend in great and define the matte effect Faux Hawk up top.

Styling Hack: For Funky textured quiff effect Rub a dime sized amount of Blind barber 90 Proof Pomade through dry hair root to tip, defining pieces with your finger tips. Check out our Mens Hair Products Guide 2019

High Fade Haircuts + Spikes

mens fade haircuts

Fresh Fade haircuts with wet look defined spikes + Clipper Design line + Tidy Beard style.

True Blue Drop Fade Clipper Design

mens fade haircuts

Slam in your face blue Faux Hawk with drop skin fade & clipper design line.

Styling Hack: Easily add brigh colors to your hair without the use of permeant dyes by using Mofajang Hair Color Wax run a small amount through your hair the more you apply the brighter the result part on ! X6 Colors available.

High Fade Haircuts + Bushy Beard

mens fade haircuts 2019

The perfect combo Big Bushy Beard + High Skin Fade with textured messy crop on top.

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Dapper Gent Slick Back Drop Fade

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By ambarberia

High Skin Fade Textured Quiff

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By horatiuthebarber

Fresh textured messy quiff + high skin fade sides great mens hairstyle.

Styling Hack: To easily recreate this textured Quiff mens hairstyle. Apply a small amount of Tigi Wax Stick to dry hair in a circular motion to create a cool defined semi shine textured effect.

Natural Waves + Lined Out Beard

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By m.d_barber

Waves + Undercut High Fade

Styling Hack: To achive this natural matte finish look, Spray freshly washed towel dryed hair sparingly root to tip with Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray for a flexible natural hold. Blow dry your hair back away from your forehead using your fingers to mold hair into the desired shape.

Side Part/ Comb Over + Drop Fade

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By Hagopart

Clean Skin Drop Fade haircuts with clippered in hard part combover + Lined out Beard . Check out our top 100 Beard Styles Gallery 

Fauxhawk  Fade 

mens fauxhawk fade hairstyle 2019
Created By iisakkinummi

Mens Fade haircuts were made for the Fauxhawk it gives it clean lines and draws your attentiuon to the textured top section.

Styling Hack: To achive a defined spikes look on your Faux Hawk Fade. Blow dry your hair up + back creating volume, use Volumizing Spray if you have thin, fine hair. On dry hair add a dime sized  amount of Tigi Matte Clay which has been warmed up in your palms, run it root to tip squeezing it together at the ends to make a spike.

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Pompadour Mid Drop Fade

mens hairstyles 2019
Created By spukthebarber

Dapper gent high shine full volume pompadour is bang on point with Mid Drop Fade Sides.

Styling Hack: Keep that hair in-place with a small dab of  Suavecito Firm Hold Pomade ran through towel dried hair ?use a comb for a more slick style? gives a medium shine. Made in the USA.

Buzz Cut + Mid Fade Haircuts

mens fade haircuts 2109
Created By andycioabla

Mens short Buzz cut enhanced with faded sides and clipper design scratch.

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