Best Beard Oil 2019 Tried & Tested

5 years ago 99% of men had never heard of, or considered using any beard products whats so ever. Beards where only favorable with Hilbilly’s & Rapists who’s personal hygiene was lacking in most departments.

Now that Beards are the new King of Cool a whole new industry is springing up to service your facial fluff. With all kinds of snake oil promises. We find the facts behind the fiction and see what this stuff really dose, and test the best beard oil 2019.

Dose Beard Oil Work ?

The point is getting away with a dodgy beard is harder than hiding a dodgy haircut FACT. I’m personally a Yo-Yo Beard guy it grows then it goes. But when its growing people think they have the right to comment “whats that on your face” or “ I don’t like that has your razor broke ” harsh but we hear it all the time, the funny thing is theses people wouldn’t dare comment on how bad you hair is ! Its just not done.

So give these fools no ammo make your beard a thing of beauty silky smooth & oiled to perfection.

Beard Oil 101

Beard oil nourishes and moisturises the facial hair just like conditioner dose for your hair. Only its much more important as beard hair is thicker more coarse and unruly than most head hair.

So Beard oil Tames the Beast it makes the whiskers sit and behave better ridding you of rough fly away bits. Making the beard soft to the touch, less itchy and with some oils smell amazing !. Some oils even confess to speed up hair growth and even thicken hair.

Stops itching ! When your clean shaven the razor going over your skin takes away any dead skin cells and leaves your face refreshed. But when there’s a beard in the way, we dont get the same exfoliation. That where the oil come in the act of massaging the beard brake’s up the dead skin cells plus it nourishes the skin underneath. Leaving you itch free, and we all know itching is the No1 reason we give up and shave off the beard.

Another plus for me is that many beard oils come packaged in awesome glass bottles that look cool in the cabinet. Some even dispense the oil via a Pipette so you can get all Science Geek.

Daily Routine

I use a daily dose of Beard oil some times even twice daily. But always first thing on a morning after I’ve had a shower. You soon get into the routine of face & beard washed, moisturizer, beard oil off we go. It onlys adds a minute or two to your day.

The amount of oil you use depends on your length and thickness. The stubble of a new beard will only need a couple of drops, where as Grizzly Adams will maybe need 5 – 8. I’ve always found that less is more you can always add a few extra drops of oil .

Beard Oils are all about the ingrediants and you get what you pay for natural ingredients are always best. Heres a run down of what a good ingredient lable should inc.

Arlo’s Beard Oil with Coconut Oil

There is much hype surrounding Arlo’s Beard Oil this season and for good reason, Its made in the USA. Awesome list of ingrediants this one conatins coconut oil which deeply penetrates your beard & tash adding masses of nurishing nutrients.

Coconut oil is known for its anti bacterial properties which help eliminate beard dandruff, itchy flakes and irritation.

We love Arlo’s classic branding the bottle is super dope with a great dropper to dispense the oil. Its got a fresh understated coconut scent. This oil is alcohol, petroleum, filler free.

Premium ingredients include – Canola oil, Coconut oil, Sweet almond, Melon & Nettle oils. All this for a super bargin basement price.


  • Cool branding .
  • Fantastic quality ingredients.
  • Low Price big 2.5oz bottle.
  • Nurish & moisturize beard & skin.


  • Coconut scent.
  • less is more.

Man Arden Beard Oil – 7X Sandel Wood Growth Oil

Man Arden Beard Oil – the Ferrari of beard oils its the business. 7x is the amount of Super – ingrediants included, that nourish Beard & moustache in a light weight none greasy formula. 30ml Pipette bottle plus free pump included for versatility.

This oil is specially blended to stimulate the facial skin and increase beard growth rate. All this in a great Sandel Wood Scent thats not over powering. Moisturising properties also stops itching and irritation caused by beard growth. Man Arden Beard oil is also great for dry scalps, face and hair.

We love the Man Arden Beard Oil branding, its super cool and they give out ton’s of beard care information the really have thought of everything.

Ingredients inc Moroccan Argan oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Sweet almond, Golden Jojoba and many more.


  • Class leading formula.
  • Awesome Brand.
  • Non greasy smells amazing.
  • Use on beard, face, hair, scalp.


  • Price.
  • Small bottle.

This small package packs a big punch,

Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil – Ceader Wood & Fir Needle Scent

Mountaineer Beard brand is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients. This product is great value due to its 60ml, 2 fl.oz bottle which is x2 as big as the other leading brands, so should last a real long time.

4.5 Star Amazon Rating From 1700+ Customer Reviews

Great as part of an everyday beard care routine. We found this oil to be lighter than others which makes applying a doddle. Theres no sign of any greasiness just a great manly woody scent thats still noticeable by others hours later ” even when the wearer has lost the scent”


  • Big Big Bottle great value.
  • Quick Absorption none greasy.
  • Awesome manly scent.
  • Finest ingredients made in USA.


  • Scent may be to strong for some.
  • Light oil not best for the bushiest of beards.

Viking Revolution – All Natural – Promotes Beard Growth

Anything with Viking & Revolution in the title has got to be a winner right ! This bottle looks great in designer grey with the Pipette system which we love. This is 1 fl.oz of pure organic magic 100% natural inc Argan oil, Jojoba oil to soften, smooth and condition the biggest bush.

Removes dreaded Beardruff itchy flakey nightmare, it also promotes beard growth and helps to fill in patches. Priced at under $10 makes this another solid contender for best beard oil 2019.

4.5 Star Amazon Rating From 1100+ Customer Reviews

This oil is Unscented which is great if you dont like strong Parfume. It also comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so if your not totally happy you get a full refund which is awesome and confidence ensuring.


  • 100% Organic natural ingrediants.
  • Pipette deliver system, great reviews.
  • Aids beard growth, unscented.
  • Money Back Guarantee.


  • Uncented.
  • Less is more use sparingly.

Beard Growth Xl #1 Mens Facial Hair Growth Supplement

I’ve heard it all now #1 Beard Growth Supplement ! Well dont just take our word for it this little bottle made in the USA has.

3100+ Amazon Customer Reviews at 4.5 Stars. That is truly remarkable.

A sign that these bad boys do what the tin says help you beard grow from the inside out. You get a full 30 day supply of beard fuel packed with all the best ingrediants listed below.

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin, A, C, D, E
  • B1, B6, B12
  • Niacin
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Biotin & Folic Acid

Beard Flux XL Stimulating Caffeine Beard Growth Oil

Now this is what I’m talking about caffeine infused beard fuel sounds good. This made in USA beard oil is 100% organic & natural fragrance free. Designed to maximise beard growth from stubble to full fur.

Easy absorb formula containing natural ingrediants oils Argan, Ama, jojoba. Great pipette dispenser 30ml bottle, this product is at the higher end of the price range but in this case you get what you pay for.

4.5 Star Amazon Rating From 350+ Amazon Customer Reviews


  • Caffeine induced beard fuel.
  • Great brand.
  • Awesome ingrediants.
  • Zero scent.


  • Only 30ml.
  • Price.

Honest Amish 2oz Classic Beard Oil

Hand crafted in the USA this is where it all began the grandaddy of beard oils. If you’ve had facial hair for any amount of time, then there’s a good chance you have a bottle of Honest Amish in your cupboard. These guys started selling there product back in the day at Festivals & Flea markets. Now its spurned a whole new industry with 1000’s beard oil online choices.

The cool Amish guy graphic on the bottle just cracks me up its cool. This stuff is made of the best Nutrients, antioxidants + 7 essential oils inc Argan oil & Golden Jojoba that soften your beard and skin beneath relieving the irritation of fresh growth.

4.5 Star Amazon Rating From 1700+ Amazon Customer Reviews

Classic scent, big bottle, great price this product has stood the test of time ! Honest Amish also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee of your money back. And its got a pipette.


  • Time tested original beard oil.
  • Amazing ingrediants.
  • Big bottle small price.
  • Great reviews.


  • Scent might be strong for some.
  • light weight oil.

Grave Before Shave – Cigar Blend – 1oz Beard Oil

Grave Before Shave this is some seriously Bad Ass Branding. In super funky Cigar scent with Vanilla after tones, this truly is the Marmite of beard oils you gonna love it or hate it thats just the scent.

So if you’ve decided you like the scent we can get on with the important stuff. Cool skull graphic on the 1oz pipette bottle they really have spent the time on branding. This beard oil is really good price at under $15.

4.5 Star Amazon Rating From 270+ Amazon Customer Reviews

We also have natural ingrediants inc Tea Tree, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Vit E, Aloe Vera, that conditon & moisturise the skin stopping itching and irritation which is great.


  • Funky Branding.
  • Awesome scent.
  • Natural nourishing ingredients.
  • Bargin price.


  • Only 1oz
  • The scent.

Beardoholic Premium Beard Oil + Leave in Conditioner

This funky little number would look just as good in the kitchen cupboard, with its neat twist cap design. Beardoholic fresh Pine scent Beard Oil its cool & full of the good stuff. All natural ingrediants no additives, GMOs or Parabens.

4.5 Star Amazon Rating From 140 Amazon Customer Reviews

Great ingrediants Argan oil, Jojoba, Almond + Grape Seed. All work together to eliminate beard itch and dandruff, moisturising the skin beneath. This really is a great beard leavin conditioner.


  • Top class natural pure ingrediants.
  • Cool bottle design.
  • Works great with fresh pine scent.
  • High Amazon rating.


  • Expensive.
  • Small bottle.

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