Best Mens Hair Products 2019 “Ultimate Guide”

We’ve listened to our clients & made it our duty to educate our readers on the correct product for any hair type or texture. From thick Faux Hawk to thin haired side part. Read on to solve the puzzle & find the best mens hair products 2019.

Squeaky Clean.

First things first set the scene its all about the shampoo ! no product will work if its going on top of old wax, gel etc. As the old saying goes your hair needs to be squeaky clean. When your run your hands through proper clean wet hair it dose squeak fact. 

The best way to remove product build up is with a daily dose of a Deep Cleansing shampoo to remove build up. These specially formulated shampoos gently remove hair coatings from wax, clay,

“you know your self how well you have to wash your hands, when you’ve just applied Clay”

Styling Hack: A little Pro tip we use in the salon for a serious product build up, is to apply the deep cleansing shampoo to dry hair before adding the water. And really work the shampoo into the hair bearking up the wax. Then add water rinse and apply a second shampoo getting a real lather going ” Aim for that squeak to let you know its all good”.

1) Regis DesignLine Clarify Shampoo

Key Features:

  • For use with any hair type, sulphate free
  • Gentle on your hair, easy pump bottle
  • Removes product build up, chemicals & resins
  • Must have mens hair products 2019

2) Tigi Matte Separation Wax

This product is awesome for men with Fine, Thinner hair types. As it thickens each strand giving a strong pilable hold that’s none greasy but can be reworked all day.

Best Used For ?

A small amount of  Tigi Matte wax is perfect for the mens hairstyles pictured below. Funky Faux Hawks, French Crop Fades, Defined Quiffs & Matte Effect Pompadours. Great when the hair strands of the style need defining, Spiking.

How to use: Always apply the wax to clean washed & dryed hair. Take a dime sized amount of the product from the tin with your finger tip. Then rub it between your palms till its warmed up and no product is visible.

” if you can see the wax on your palm its to much and will clump up and show on your hair”

When the wax is warmed up run it through in the direction of your hair style ie: up and back for a Quiff across for a side part etc. For textured effects rub hair in all directions with finger tips.

When you feel its looking on point, Leave It Be ! the less you mess on with it the better.

Key Feautures:

  • Strong Matte Hold reworkable all day.
  • Small amount goes a long way. None greasy.
  • Thickens thining, fine hair. Defines + adds texture.
  • Must have mens hair products 2019.

4) Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray 180ml

Super cool  light hold volumizing spray. Creates a just off the beach non sticky textured effect, that you can run your hands through and rework all day long. Comes a awesome fresh Tonka Bean scent. Can be used on any hair thickness and texture.

Best Used For ?

 On Point longer natural waves or curly mens hairstyles. As pictured below.

How to use: Apply a few pumps of Sea Salt spray to towel dryed hair starting at the roots. When evenly applied mould hair into shape with finger tips leave to set “dry” naturally.

Key Features:

  • Light hold enhances volume + texture.
  • No Parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes.
  • Great Tonka Bean Scent.
  • Beach Fresh

4) Tigi Wax Stick 

What can be said about this little Magic Tube its our Desert Island product of choice, man bag essental King of mens grooming products. You get the picture ! we like. It revolutionised short hair styling when it arrived in the 90s with its slogan “Wax for Cool people”  and we’ve used it in the salon daily every since.

The best thing about this wax is that it adds tons of texture, on short messy spikey hairstyles. Its the way that you rub it on in a circular motion stright from the tube it the texture is created in a way that you cannot replicate with standard wax applied from your fingers. 

” Another bonus is that because your not applying the wax directly by hand, you dont get sticky, gunky hand syndrome like with standard wax”

Best Used For ?

Textured Mens Hair Products

Textured spikes, messy French crop fade, Best for medium to thicker hair types. “can easily overload thin, fine hair”. Can even be used to define side part or slick back hairstyles its the swiss army knife of hair products. Best used for styles pictured below.

How to use: For Spikes, French Crops, Quiffs, Textured Short Cuts, Messy, rub wax stick onto dry hair in a circular motion, creating a textured, messy semi matte effect ” use fingers to mold hair oncewax is applied”. For longer side part or slick back hairstyles apply to towel dryed hair for a semi wet look effect.

Key Features: 

  • Long lasting hold none scented.
  • Easy to use, easy to wash out.
  • Super Versatile creates many textured hairstyles.
  • Top class mens hair product 2019

5) Hairfluence; Hair Growth Formula

Our dreams have come true , so have yours if you’ve ever wanted faster, stronger healthier hair growth ! sounds like a cheap scam ? thats what we thought till we saw that these little miracle pills have over

6,500 Reviews at 4* star Amazon ratings and that aint no joke.

Best Used For ?

Anyone who has ever worried about hair loss or feels there hair is feeling thinner than usual. Obviously this supplement won’t give a bald guy a full head of hair. But if you have thinning hair it will reduce hair loss and has even been known to thicken whats there.

Works with any hair type or texture. The secret to this product is the unique  formula its created to containing super nutrients inc

  • BIOTIN: Promotes overall healthy hair and hair growth; for both existing hair and new growth.
  • BAMBOO EXTRACT (Providing 70% Silica): Bamboo extract naturally contains a high concentration of Silica, an essential nutrient that nourishes vital tissues in hair, skin & nails; encourages a healthier, more youthful appearance.
  • Keratin: Natural protein aids hair growth & recovery.
  • Nutrients: Vit C, E, B12 , A & D3 

How To Use: Take x2 Two Tablets Daily for at least 30 days.

6) suavecito “Strong Hold” Pomade

The original Gangsta Cream you got a slick back or a side part this is your guy. Made in the USA thick Tattoos, Harleys, Muscle cars, Suavecito Pomade ! This pomade gives a medium shine strong hold that will keep you slick all day long + is easy to comb through for defined finishes. None greasy easy wash formula.

Best Used For ?

Slick Back Mens Hair products.

Longer slick back, side part, pompadour mens hairstyles. As pictured below.

How To Use: For a smooth slick back effect use a dime sized amount of pomade on towel dry damp hair to give a medium shine, apply to dry hair for a more matte finish textured effect. 

Key Features:

  • Long lasting strong hold.
  • Manly woodsy scent.
  • Washes out with ease.
  • Made in USA finest ingrediants.

For even more control of that Side Part, Slick Back Pompadour try the award winning Rocky Mountin wooden comb Hair, Beard, Tash comb for the dapper gent.

For Haircuts Inspiration Check Out Our Top 100+ Mens Hairstyles 2019 “Updated” Gallery

7) Mofajang Mens Hair Color Wax

This little tube of magic Slime has taken Semi – Permanent mens hair color to another dimension. We can now have crazy party hair at the drop of a hat. Simply apply a good dollop of mofajang wax “in your color of choice” to dry hair, for instant Silver, Blue, Red, Green etc hair color. It easily washes out with shampoo !

Best Used For

Any Hair Type Length or texture. TIP: The lighter your hair naturally is the brighter the Mofajang will be. Check out the images below.

How To Use: Apply a couple fingers full of the Mofajang Hair Wax rubbed through your palms direct to freshly washed & dryed hair. “if your hair has product already in it will act as a barrier againts the color” I found that its best to wear rubber gloves to apply wax as my hands went silver !

The more wax you apply the brighter the color will be depending on your natural base. The lighter your hair is to start the more the color will show, ie on black or very dark hair it will not be that visible more of a colored shine.

When the wax is fully dried it feels like it has standard wax / clay already on. So you should not need to add much more standard product its pretty pliable as it is.?

Key Features:

  • Instant Semi-Permanent Colored hair.
  • Easy to use / easy to wash out.
  • Cheap & smells great, wide range of colors.
  • Saves bleaching ?& coloring your hair.?

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