35+ Freshest Mens Fade Haircuts 2018

Mens Fade Haircuts are still smashing it in 2018 due to the fact that there so versatile. Working great with modern Mens Hairstyle Trends including French Crop Fade, Fauxhawk Fade, Side Part and many more.

The Fade Haircut adds interest & makes a feature of an often overlooked, boring part of the hairstyle the sides. So having the hair Grade from very short even Bald on a Skin Fade to grade 1 or 2 or even higher makes the sides an interesting feature and can energise your standard haircut.

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Check out our Gallery Below if you like what you see Screen Shot then to the Barbers we go.

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French Crop High Bald Fade

mens fade haircuts 2018

This is a great start to the Fade collection its a perfect Barber mens haircut, Super short Bald High Fade sides complement our favorate crop for 2018 the french crop ! looks cool with Faded Beard.

Fauxhawk Drop Fade 

mens fade haircuts 2108
Created By Hagopart

Awesome textured Fauxhawk low Drop Fade which is where the fade goes from the temple and curves around the ear to the nape of the neck. Its not as severe as the high bald fade.

TIP: To recreated the Fauxhawk rub a pea sized amount of Tigi Matte Wax “pictured Below” between your palms till warm then spread through your hair root to tip. The style will last all day and Matte Wax even thickens finer hair.

Slick Back Mid Fade

Classic mens fade haircut slick back smart mid fade. 

Mens Fade Haircuts Classic Side Part

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By z_ramsey

This Super Dapper mens hairstyle will take you from Wall Street to the World Cup. Its the do anything smart choice versitile and classy.

TIP: Created the perfect side part / comb over hairstyle. Start by using a comb to find your parting on damp hair use the tip of your comb as a pencil and draw a line from back “crown’ To front “Temple” comb the hair accross then comb the front back as a quiff blow dry into shape. 

We use the Dyson Supersonic Intelligent Hairdryer as pictured below. It comes with braging rights for having the worlds coolest blower.

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Silver Platinum Pompadour 

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By cheobarberpr

Bang On Trend ! Platinum Silver Mens Hair color this is the must have color for 2019 it really brings the hairstyle to life + Low Fade.

TIP: Easily recreate the color at home without the need for permanent hair color or bleach. Simply use MOFAJANG silver grey hair wax, apply to dry hair as you would your normal wax but get a great platinum effect Awesome for party nights !

Lined Out Buzz Cut + Fade

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By Cal_newsome

Super Short n Street proving buzz cuts dont have to be boring, we have the added interest of the Bald Fade sides + A Lined out Faded Beard. 

Blond Textured Mens Short Crop 

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By privilege_barber

The Blond Color adds tons of texture to this short crop. It really brings it to life highlights can add thickness to fine hair as it doubles the cuticle density and makes the hair stiffer its great for hairstyles that need volume.

TIP: Make sure you go blond in a professional salon as the bleaches used can be dangerous and the results can be pretty bad think canary yellow ! 

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Mens Fade Haircuts Spiky Quiff

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By iisakkinummi

On Trend super cool mens Quiff hairstyle with clean mid fade sides.

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Full Quiff Low Fade + Clipper Design

latino mens haircuts
Created By virgiltb

TIP: Keep your clipper design lines salon fresh with A Hair Engraving, Clipper Design Razor Pen. Super Easy to use simply lightly run it over your existing lines.

Mid Bald Fade Bowl Cut 

mens hairstyles 2019
Created By barber.dylan.f

Mid Bald Fade Bowl Cut this mens haircut keeps a nice weight on top with heavy fringe looks great natural or with a touch of matte wax. Nice tidy Beard

TIP: Keep that Stubble out of Trouble with the philips OneBlade Hybrid Multi function Rechargeable beard trimmer + Wet Shaver comes with x3 grade/combs for fade styles + Edging blade Click on Image for Best Price 

Natural Wave + Blond Highlights + Clipper Designs

mens haircuts 2019
Created By craigmillshair

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mens hairstyles 2019

Drop Fade + Drop Clipper Line 

mens haircuts 2019

Great Mens Haircut for thicker hair textured natural crop.

TIP: Add light texture to the hair without it looking greasy or overloaded. By rubbing a pea sized amount of Blind Barber 90 Proof into your palms to warm it up then through the hair with finger tips in all directions.

Slick Back Undercut Low Fade

mens haircuts 2019
Created By callum.ghost

High Fade Silver Tips 

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Drop Fade Pompadour 

mens hairstyles 2019
Created By cuttyfresh

This is a Super Fresh Mens Fade Haircuts great drop fade with discrete nape clipper line + tidy beard.

French Crop Mid Fade + High Lights

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By kvenzo.barber

Cool French Crop Fade Mens Haircut enhanced by highlights and asymmetrical fringe. Clean Cut + Bushy Beard.

Styling Hack: To keep your bush itch and flake free try one oif the many amazing Beard Oils which help soften nurish and moisturise your beard they smell awesome to !

Temple Fade Lined Out Afro

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By lomas_thebarber

Military Style Buzz Cut High Fade Haircuts

mens fade haircuts 2019
Created By M.dson_Barber

Low maintenance sharp military buzz cut + High Bald Fade. 

TIP: Keep your fades salon fresh + Beard Trim with this Awesome futuristic designed Remington Pro Shortcut Clipper ergonomically designed for super easy home styling. Comes complete with 9 combs to cut hair to any length. Once charged we have 40 mins cutting time or plugin for unlimited cutting easy clean blades.

Fauxhawk Temple Fade + Cross Clipper Design

Awesome Textured Funky Fauxhawk with Temple Fade and length to the rear + Cool Cross Clipper Designs.

Quiff + Side Board & Nape Fade Haircuts

latino mens haircuts

Side board fade is a subtle touch but makes a great feature.

Bald Fade Fauxhawk + 3D Clipper Design

mens hairstyles 2019
Created By romasterbarbers

These double 3D Clipper Designs bring a standard Fauxhawk Fade kicking and screaming into 2018 super cool.

Drop Fade Quiff + Tidy Beard + Scratch Line 

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By clubsambarbers

Cool Quiff with Drop Fade Scratch line going from back of the head through the ear into the tidy beard nice touch.

Styling Hack: Back to the old school cool when men were men and every man had a comb ! the slick back gives us the perfect excuse to relive the past and go out packing. So heres the best comb money can buy in 2019 our weapon of choice is the Rocky Mountin Wooden Saw Comb for Hair + Beard its a true classic that will last you a lifetime.

Temple Fade + Waves

black mens haircuts 2019

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High Drop Fade + Natural Waves 

Super clean high drop fade natural waves on top  with golden highlights. Tidy Beard.

High Bald Fade Silver Crop

fade haircuts 2019
Created By Cal_newsome

High and tight bald fade super short textured crop bang on trend silver platinum, grey, color.

TIP: Easily recreate the color at home without the need for permanent hair color or bleach. Simply use MOFAJANG silver grey hair wax, apply to dry hair as you would your normal wax but get a great platinum effect Awesome for party nights !

Rear View Of Bald Drop Fade Fauxhawk

fade haircuts 2019

Great Fade this view really shows off the definition of the grades.

Blad Drop Fade + Tight Curls

black mens haircuts 2019
Created By drewdabarber

TIP: To keep Curls Box Fresh spray it  with the awesome BLIND BARBER 40 PROOF salt water spray its Pliable + Anti Frizz and none sticky ! its also got a fresh summer fragrance.

High Skin Fade + Clean Quiff

fade haircuts 2019
Created By omarbarberdiaz

Clean barber fade haircuts looks great with smooth Quiff and tidy beard.

TIP: Easily create the smooth slick back look by rubbing a pea sized amount of Uppercut Deluxe Pomade through your palms to warm it up then spread evenly through your hair for a style that will last all day.

Low Drop Fade Undercut

fade haircuts 2019
Created By jeffthebarber

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Super Tight Drop Fade Pompadour

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By spukthebarber

This is A super tight classy Mens Pompadour Drop Fade Haircut. 

Bed Head With Skin Drop Fade

Even low mantainence Bed Head looks can be transformed with a slick skin drop fade added to the mix.

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