Mens Hair Color Trends 2019

This is going to be an awesome year for Mens Hair Color Trends 2019. We predict a riot of experimental colors. We are seeing more purples, reds, greens, platinums even full head Rainbow Color. Its a year of choices so be bold. 

Check out our Color gallery below starting with the Blonds then getting more Colorfull as we go down the page if you see a hairstyle you like screen shot & show your stylist.

Mens Hair Color Guide 2019

Copper Short Crop

men's hair color

Trending men’s hair color for 2019, full head copper color looks striking combined with a short crop .

Blond Slice Highlights Ombre

men's hair color trends

We love how this wild messy chunky blond sliced highlighted effect adds drama and movement to the hair.

Future Men’s Hair Color Trends

mens hair color trends
Created By braidbarbers

Smash it! with bleach blond textured spikes plus skin fade and extreme light blue slice of color through the side.

Ash Blond, Silver Quiff + Skin Fade

men's hair color trends
Created By cal_newsome

Awesome ash silver matte effect quiff created by UK genius barber Cal Newsome.

Styling Hack: Create a hair thickening matte effect finish by adding a finger tip full of Smooth Viking styling clay, pre warm by rubbing through the palms then finger hair through root to tip.

Bleach Blond French Crop Fade

men's hair color

This style looks awesome, bleached out french crop fade inc side tattoo + full black shovel beard. ” STREET”

Bleach Blond x Blue Mash Up

men's hair color trends
Created By toothxless

Only the brave !

Blonds Have More fun !

men's hair color trends

Rock a short crop with full head bleach blond, it adds texture and thickens thin hair types by opening up hair cuticles.

Styling Hack: Add masses of texture and thickness to fine hair with a dime sized amount of Tigi Texture Matte Wax warmed up in hands and rubbed through hair.

Striking Sliver + Blue Tip’s Men’s Hair Color

men's hair color

Check out this bold silver + blue tip’s hair color looks cool with skinned out fade.

Subtle Golden Highlights

men's hair color

Turquoise Defined Quiff

men's hair color trends 2019
Created By Cal-newsome

Mind-blowing attention to detail in this razored quiff. We love the defined points all the way up the sides and back definatly one for the thicker hair types.

Check Out This Sick Skin Fade, Beard Blend.

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Highlights Faux Hawk + Clipper Line

men's hair color trends

Ash Blond Highlights 

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By romasterbarbers

The most common and easiest to achive mens hair color trend is blond highlights. Ranging from subtle sun kissed to bleached out platinum. 

Styling Hack: Easily recreate this messy textured bed head look by rubbing a Tigi Wax Stick through the top of your hair in a circular motion ?just remember less is more when using wax?

Golden Highlights + Mid Fade + Quiff

mens hairstyles 2019
Created By kvenzo.barber

This is A perfect example of natural sun kissed “foiled” highlights it adds texture and volume to this Faux Hawk Hairstyle with out being to extream.

Blond Tipped Faux hawk Mens Hair Color

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By andycioabla

Bang on for Mens Color Trends 2019. This is a great example of what highlights do, they add color highlighting the tips subtle but effective.

Styling Hack: To achive a matte textured effect on your Faux Hawk Fade. Blow dry your  creating volume, use Volumizing Spray if you have thin, fine hair. On dry hair add a dime sized  amount of Matte Clay Pomade which has been warmed up in your palms, run it root to tip.

Check out our Clipper Design Gallery for more haircut inspiration

Mid Length Textured Blond Highlights

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By seanalexander

Ash Blond Highlights in medium length hair looking great.

Super Subtle Blond Highlight Tips

mens fauxhawk fade 2019

This proves less is more super subtle sun kissed blond highlights adds nice texture to the fauxhawk. Check out our Mens Fauxhawk Fade Gallery

Curly On Top Blond High Fade

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By Spukthebarber

Blond can bring any hair type & texture to life looks great on curly hairstyles .

Styling Hack: Promote Hair Growth & slow hair loss with natural Biotin Shampoo. Stimulates hair follicle + cleans away scalp build up inc B5, coconut oil and Botanicals.

Blond Fauxhawk

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By Corneliucrihan

Bleach blond defined spikes. Remember for best results wash daily with blond hair with Super Silver shampoo to get rid of any brassy yellowness.

Bleach Blond Highlights

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By bosnea_barber

Denim Blue Crop

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By Galessss

Styling Hack: Denim Blue French Crop Fade. Mens color trends 2019 bang on. Recreate the blue look easily at home with Mofajang hair color wax just run through the hair and style as normal. The more wax you add the brighter the color will be ! washes out easily with shampoo.

Triple Blue Textured French Crop

Created By Stepan Akentyev

Funky Triple blue Textured French Crop Fade Mens Hairstyle 2019. Bleach the full head then add Crazy color Peacock Blue to the Centre section & Capri Blue to the outer edges. Apply to towel dry pre bleached hair according to manufacturers guide lines.

Full Head Platinum Bleach Blond Fade

mens hairstyles 2019

Super cool mens hair color trends 2019. Bleached full head platinum. Fauxhawk + Fade sides. Blond has the benefit of adding texture and thickness to hair.

 Silver + Pink Slash French Crop Fade

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By privilege_barber

This French Crop Fade is a smash in the face nothing subtle here its awesome. Have you got the bottle to pull this off ? 

Styling Hack: Easily recreate Silver, Platinum, Grey hair color at home with Mofajanghair color wax simply apply to your hairstyle as you would a normal wax the more you use the brighter the color. Its none permanent and washes out with shampoo.

Purple French Crop Fade 

Created By Cal Newsome

Bang on Trend Mens Hair Color 2019. Textured French Crop Fade + Clipper line, Asymmetrical Fringe + Beard. Nice Work 

Mens Hair Color Trends 2019

created by Jose Privilege

This is A work of art mens hair color Bleach blond short crop + Red Slice through the fringe + Clipper Line + Low Bald Fade sides.

Check out our Top 10 Mens Hairstyle trends 2019 Gallery

Rusty Copper Short Crop + Skin Fade

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By Paddyconnelly

Subtle but with extra Attitude?cool washed out rusty copper, brings this short crop style to life a great mens color trend for 2019.?

Styling Hack: Super Charge Hair Growth today. With the best selling  Vantaggio supplement. See rapid results with all natural ingredients inc: Vit A,C,D3,B1,B2,B6 B12, + Collogen , Keratin,Biotin  x60 caps per. Check out full details.

Ice King Mens Hair Color Trends

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By rusbarber_official

Super Ice White bleached textured crop lined out beard fade.

Getting Ash, Silver Hair Vid.

Styling Hacks: To achieve this awesome silver, ash hair color. Pre bleach your hair “have a salon do it” then use Matrix So Silver shampoo as shown in the instagram vid shown above. Leave the shampoo on for 10-30 mins depending on how silver you want the results to be.

Blue Slice, Bleach Blond + Skin Fade

mens hair color trends 2019

Take your french crop fade 2019 to the next level bleach blond top + bright blue slice. Cool skin fade sides & beard.

On Point Copper Crop

mens hair color 2019

Copper color brings this textured crop to life.

Best 100+ Mens Hairstyles Gallery 2019

mens hairstyles 2019

Fly Blue + Green Peacock Fade

mens hair color trends

Extream mens hair color trends this is Fly blue and green fade.

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