Beard Trimmer + Shaver Philips OneBlade Hybrid

Awesome Amazon exclusive mens rechargeable Multifunctional beard trimmer + Shaver all in one Hydrid technology.

In the box we get 3 changeable comb/guard lengths for those who like to keep stubble a certain length or neaten up a beard.

This great beard trimmer comes with every thing you need for your morning grooming routine. And is the perfect travel companion due to its small size and light weight. And when full charged will cut for 45 mins via battery power.

Keep Beard Lines Clean 

beard trimmer
lined Out Beard 

We also get a Duel side Blade unique to the Philips OneBlade that can edge your stuble or completey remove any facial hair as a wet shaver. Comes with x1 extra blade.

Duel Sided Blade For Wet Shaves + Edging

beard trimmer 2019

Keep Your Stuble Out Of Trouble !

beard trimmer
Wet Shave Compatible 

Beard Trimmer Key Features:

  • 45 minute rechargeable battery life.
  • x3 comb grade attachments included great for fade cuts.
  • Ergonomically designed to reach the hardest places. 
  • Can clean wet shave. 
  • 4/5 STARS Amazon rating out of 1600 reviews

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Buy It Now Philips OneBlade Multi function Hybrid Beard Trimmer

beard trimmer 2019

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