Slick Back Mens Hair Cuts 2019

So here we have it again?Slick Back Mens Hair Cuts 2019 the mens hairstyle thats got more lives than a cat and for good reason. Its such an awesome Trendy Hairstyle due to its versatility. We can style the slick back in so many ways that just arent possible with say a buzz cut its just short thats it, a fauxhawk is a fauxhawk a french crop is a crop yes we can add clipper designs, colors, blunt fringes etc.

I know slick back means hair slicked back but you can do so much when your hair is in that style ! so make the most of it have fun and check out our hair cuts guide below with style hacks.

 Slick back has many faces as we will list below.

  • Wet look Gangster Chic 
  • Natural full waves brush back
  • Center parting 90s rocker look 
  • Undercut
  • Full volume Pompadour
  • With Enough length you could even rock a man bun !!

High Quiff Smooth Slick Back

mens hair cuts 2019

Slick Back vs Natural Brush Back

mens haircuts cuts 2019

This is why we love the Slick Back so much its so Versatile, Dapper & Awesome. Slick back Gangsta Chic or natural hands through the hair, you decide.

Super Quiff Styling Hack Vid.

Professional Slick Back Quiff

Barbers favorate this is an absolute classic, timeless mens hair cut 2019 update.

Brushed Back Mens Hair Cuts 2019

mens slick back hairstyles 2019
Created By charliebarber

Some mens prefer a more natural brushed back feel, not to full of product.

Natural Wave Under Cut 

Dapper natural slick back undercut + tapered sides this is a do it all classic mens hair cut expertly cut. 

Slick Back Skin Fade Undercut

mens hair cuts 2019

Sick bald fade sides + faded beard style, looks awesome combined with a slick back undercut.

Styling Hack: Keep that hair in-place with a small dab of  Suavecito Firm Hold Pomade ran through towel dried hair “use a comb for a more slick style” gives a medium shine. Made in the USA.

Fade Rear View. Mens Haircuts 2019

mens hair cuts 2019

Cool slick back drop fade rear view. 

Natural Brushed Back Mens Hair Cuts 2019

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By Ryancullen

This is super fresh natural matte look brushed back example of mens hair cuts 2019 its got a nice clean low drop fade. Great for all hair types thick to thin waves or straight its a winner.

Styling Hack: To create a brushed back hairstyle thats has a natural matte finish & is full of volume and bounce, but not stiff or greasy. Then use Viking Hydrating Fibre Cream for a light hold that you can run your hands through all day.

Super Clean Skin Fade Slick Back Quiff

slick back mens hair cuts 2019

Super clean skin fade + lined out sides great slick back hairstyle. Great for thicker hair types.

Styling Hack: Created this clean slick back mens hairstyle by blowdrying hair back and across in the desired style, then add a dime sized amount of awesome Suavecito Firm Hold Pomade “warmed up by rubbing between your palms” through your hair front to back style and leave ! the less you mess the better.

Longer Slick Back + Bald Sides

slick back mens hair cuts 2019
Created By paul_barbercode

Old School Slick Back 

slick back mens hair cuts 2019
Created By theclutchbarbers

Mens Hair Cuts 2019 now thats what im talking about proper long haired slick back gangsta under cut + Lined out fade.

Textured Pompadour Fade Undercut

slick back mens hair cuts 2019
Created By Hagopart

Cool side view of this pomp it really shows off the drop fade in all its glory, its awesome to see the definition on the pomp how its smooth but also textured.

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Blended Short Slick Back + Drop Fade

slick back mens hair cuts 2019

This is a great fresh modern mens hair cuts 2019. Drop skin fade sides nicely blend into shorter top length thats neatly slicked back “no gimmicks just a great mens hairstyle”

Check Out This Undercut Styling Hack Video

Matte Finish Slick Back + Side Burn Fade

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By Cal_newsome

This is a great mens hairstyle for medium to thicker hair types.

Styling Hack: To achive this natural matte finish look, Spray freshly washed towel dryed hair sparingly root to tip with Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray for a flexible natural hold. Blow dry your hair back away from your forehead using your fingers to mold hair into the desired shape.

Best For a Natural Matte Finish

Full Volume Slick Back + Drop Fade

mens fade haircuts 2018
Created By spukthebarber

Awesome classic mens drop fade hair cut this is the perfect full volume slick back its got great texture + Balance.

Styling Hack: To keep the hair in place no matter what your doing, apply a pea sized amount of Tigi Matte Wax to the palm of your hand rub between your palms till wax is warm and not visible ! then run from  forehead to crown in a smooth motion 

Best For Strong Hold Matte Finish

 Taper Brush Back Mens Hair Cuts

mens haircuts 2019
Created By Paddyoconnelly

Great Natural Brushed Back Taper mens hair cut, for those who don’t want the aggressiveness of the skin fade this is a great classy alternative.

Slick Back Comb Over + Drop Fade

slick back mens hair cuts 2019
Created By charliebarber

Fresh drop skin fade + comb over slicked to the side.

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mens hairstyles 2019

Before & After Lined Out Fade !!

mens slcik back hair cuts 2019
Created By ryancullenhair

Hiow to look 10 years younge. This fade completely revamps the slick back hair cut so much smarter and the lined out beard style is cool, quality job !

Matte Brush Back + High Skin Fade

mens haircuts 2019
Created By m.d_barber

Matte dry look, slick back mens hair cuts 2019 + high tight skin fade + lined out beard style.

Slick Back Hipster 

mens haircuts 2019
Created By jake_thebarber1_

Longer length back and sides slick back hipster mens hair cut + Lined out beard style 

Styling Hack: To create a Semi Shine but none greasy natural longer haired slick back look. Use Smooth Viking Hydrating Fibre Cream. For hair you can run your hands through its none sticky or stiff. Use a good dollop of product through towel dry hair in the direction you want your hair to go.

Drop Fade Mens Hair Cuts 2019 Extra

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By Bewesleysilva

This is a cool mens hair cut its got subtle extras like clean drop fade and nape clipper design.

Purple Mens Hair Color 2019 Slick Back

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By akentyevs

Bang on trend mens hair color for 2019 this Purple + Blue color takes the slick back to another level + skin wedge ” A side wedge is when the skin short hair round the ear goes up and just stops at a line of longer hair with no fade or blending” 

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Styling Hack: To achive this hair color at home without the need to bleach or permananty dye your hair. Use Mofajang Color Hair Wax simply apply the product to dry hair as you would your standard wax. The more you apply the more vibrant the color will be, but dont worry it washes out with shampoo.

Best For Instant Mens Hair Color 

Natural Brush Back Taper

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By jamesjay_hair

If your not up for a skin fade then a nice layered taper is a timeless classic mens hair cut that never dates.

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Textured Quiff + Skin Fade + Clipper Design

mens hair cuts 2019

This slick back has a textured Quiff up front but as been updated for 2019 with skin fade and cool Clipper Design Line flowing with. the fade

Styling Hack: Clipper Design lines are cool but if your hair grows as fast as our dose then they vanish after a couple of weeks, which ain’t good when your next barber visit is a month away. So keep your lines box fresh with a simple to use Hair Tattoo Razor Design Pen just draw over your existing line to refresh it at home !

Keep Clipper Designs Salon Fresh 

Thick Hair Type Mens Hair Cuts 2019

Fresh low drop fade brushed back natural thick hair type.

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Wavey Natural Slick Back + Low Drop Fade

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By z_ramsey

Great Wavey hair type brushed back natural mens hairstyle no messing no fuss wash and go.

Mid Drop Fade Mens Hair Cuts 2019

latino mens haircuts
Created By Hagopart

This slick back mens hair cut looks awesome with extra volume and super clean drop skin fade + lined out beard style.

Style Hack: Created This hairstyle easily with Reuzel Fibre Pomade for a strong but natural semi matte finish. Warm up a pea sized amount of product in palms then run through hair front to back.

Best Product For Strong Hold + Natural Finish

Natural Waves

mens hair cuts 2019

Go with the flow just wash and go nice and neat classic cut.

Defined Mens Slick Back Hair Cut 

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By patman_barber_

Theres a great separation to this mens slick back hair cut its natural but groomed a modern classic.

High Skin Fade + Textured Slick Back

mens hair cuts 2019

Styling Hack: Back to the old school cool when men were men and every man had a comb ! the slick back gives us the perfect excuse to relive the past and go out packing. So heres the best comb money can buy in 2019 our weapon of choice is the Rocky Mountin Wooden Saw Comb for Hair + Beard its a true classic that will last you a lifetime.

Classic Slick Back Low Fade

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By jimthetrim

Like a 50s movie star truly classic elegant mens hair cut updated for 2019 with tidy lined out beard style.

Long Waves Natural Brush Back + Skin Fade

mens hair cuts 2019
Created By z_ramsey_

Mens Hair Cuts 2019 the natural brush waves brush back ” go with the flow” let your hair do its thing it still looks awesome just remember to keep the sides sharp.

Styling Hack: Not always a fan of the beard ! keep switching from various degrees of stubble to clean shave. Use the Philips OneBlade Hybrid its a rechargeable beard trimmer that comes with x3 grade/combs for different beard lengths, but is also a master of the wet shave with its lining out edge + Blade it can tackle the thickest of bristles. Check out full details Philips

Best For Keeping Stubble Out Of Trouble

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