Best Hair Clippers 2019

If you don’t work 9-5 then getting a regular trip to the Barber’s shop can be a real chore. Obviously to get the best possible haircut you need a barber/stytlist. But if you have the confidence to tackle a Hairstyle yourself then read on here’s the ultimate guide to the best hair clippers 2019.

This guide is brought to you by a season professional barber Adam Powell who has 20 years salon experience.

Picking the perfect clippers can be a daunting task and one size doesn’t fit all, asking which is the best clipper is like asking whats the best car ! it depends on your needs no point in having a Ferrari if you live on a farm. Just like there’s no point in having the last set $100 professional clippers to cut thin or children’s hair, its overkill and a $20 clipper will do the just much better + save you money.

Hair Clippers 101: What To Consider.

Mains vs Cordless “Battery”

The big question is do i need cordless battery clippers. Well if you’re a man on the move and need a quick trim up in a hotel room then yes you do.

If you’re clippers stay plugged in 24/7 next to your mirror at home then mains cords rule.

Mains Pros & Cons


  • Much More Powerful never loses charge.
  • Usually better value.
  • Better for longer thicker hair types.


  • Can be heavier.
  • Lead can get in the way.
  • Not as cool !.

Cordess/ Battery


  • More convenient to travel with.
  • Lighter weigh easier to manage for a novice.
  • Can have a better design than corded.


  • Price you get what you pay for & battery technology is more expensive.
  • Less power.
  • Limited cutting time.

What Else ?

Clipper Guards / Combs

Guide Combs fit onto the blades to cut your hair to a certain length. A buzz cut for example might be a comb No 1-2 same length hair all over, where as a comb 4-5 up top and 1 or 2 on sides would be a short back and sides blended to a longer top.

If you use the clippers with no comb its called a bare blade and is as short as you can go before you razor.

Most Clippers come as a package and include a number of guide combs, be sure to check before you purchase.

Extreme Clipper Make Over!

Guide Comb Numbers + Length

  • No1 = 1/8 inch or 0.25mm
  • No2 = 1/4 inch or 0.5mm
  • No3 = 3/8 inch or 0.8mm
  • No4 = 1/2 inch or 1.8mm

So the higher the number the longer the hair will be after cutting.

Clipper Maintenance

How often should I oil my clippers ? “how often should you oil your bike chain” as much as you can. In the salon I brush/wipe clean the blades then oil mine 5-6 times a day they just run so much smoother. And it will increase the blade life by years.

Most common oils will do even bike lub WD40 if its slippy it works.

Taper Lever

Most pro clippers come with a side mounted taper leaver which can adjust the length of the blades and give a Fade ” Blended In Look” effect to the haircut. This is a neat feature to have as you can achieve more hairstyles as your cutting confidence grows. Check out the Fade picture Below.

Best Clipper Brands

Wahl: USA

Go to any Barbers shop the world over and your guaranteed to see the barber rocking a set of WAHL clippers even in deepest darkest PERU. They are the AK47 of hair clippers they just cut, cut, cut.

best hair clippers 2019

Budget: Best Cordless Clippers 2019

Wahl Color Pro Rechargeable Cordless Clippers

These are the bench mark cordless home use budget clippers, it’s unbelievable that WAHL can sell such a capable product for such a small price.

You get everything you need in the box. Its a complete 21 piece hair cutting kit, everything you’ll ever need to keep trim & tidy at home or on the move. Color Coded guide combs making changing length a breeze. Pack also contains clipper oil, neck brush, cutting cape, combs, scissors, hair cutting guide. Works great as a beard trimmer.

Another great feature is the removable easy to rinse stainless steel clipper blades. This product is lightweight and super easy to use one handed with an awesome 60 mins cutting time from one charge. Can be used corded via mains plug.


  • Light weight, quiet motor. Works great as Beard trimmer.
  • Easy to remove + clean blades.
  • 60 Mins Cutting Time.
  • Comes as complete package.


  • No Taper lever.
  • To basic for salon use.
  • Best for fine to medium thickness hair.

Mid Range: Cordless Clippers 2019

Remington Shortcut Pro Hair & Beard Clipper, Trimmer 13 Piece

This Uber Cool mens hair clipper from house hold name Remington, has a futuristic design that fits in the palm of your hand. The unique design makes reaching the back of your head and hair line super easy. Precision ground Stainless steel blades smoothly cut through the thickest of hair with no pulling or snagging. The Clippers are also easy clean which means they can be rinsed under the Faucet 100% washable.

This is the perfect tool for beard trimming as its got a curved blade for those hard to reach neck lines. We had to include these Remintons in the best hair clippers 2019 list, as they have an amazing 3000+ 4* Amazon customer reviews.

Powerfull lithium battery will cut for 40 minutes cordless but can also run plugged into the mains. This clipper is the perfect travel companion due to its minimal size.

Package comes complete with 9 Guide Combs, travel pouch, cleaning brush, oil & charging adaptor.



  • No taper lever.
  • 40 mins cutting time.
  • Design wont suit the old school.

High End: Cordless Clippers 2019

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Cord/Cordless Clipper

Its no surprise to see another clipper from WAHL in the list. These Professional 5-Star Magic Clippers can be used corded or cordless for the ultimate in versatility. These are the Ferrari of cordless clippers.

You will find theses clippers in many of the worlds barbers shops, due to its excellent motor and High Precision Zero-Overlap Blades. If you want cordless performance then these are the Best Hair Clippers 2019.

Super smooth powerfull Lithium Ion motor can cut the thickest hair with easy for an amazing 90 mins. Clippers have a great weight and feel quality. Taper lever for fades and tapers.

” There really is no competition for cordless clippers in this price range”

Package comes complete with 8 guide combs, cleaning brush, oil, charge lead.


  • Professional grade clippers at low price.
  • 1200+ 4.5* Amazon Customer Reviews.
  • Amazing 90 mins cutting time, Can run corded.
  • Cuts any hair type with easy.


  • Doen’t come with carry case.
  • Cheaper options available.
  • Takes a little more maintenance.

Worthy Mention: Cordless

Philips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper

So at the top end of the scale $100+ we have these unique looking swivel head clippers from Philips. They deserve to be on the list as its a good quality package, that’s had a lot of design & development to make life easier for the user.

The swivel head rotates 180 Degrees smashing those hard to reach angles on hand and beard. 60 Mins of smooth cordless cutting action delivered to the self sharpening stainless steel baldes via a powerfull lithium ion battery.

13 built in length settings 15/32 inch & 19/32 inch. Can be used corded or cordless. Completely washable for easy clean.


  • Clever design easy to use.
  • Can cut hair smoothly to almost any length.
  • Easy clean, great self sharpening blades.
  • 60 mins cordless cutting.


  • Design can seem strange at first.
  • Expensive.
  • No taper lever.

Budget: corded Clippers 2019

Remington Virtually Indestructible 15 Piece Clipper Kit

This is a great package for an unbelievable price under $30 your getting so much value ! Latest technology Super Torque Magnetic Motor for a smooth powerfull cut which eliminates hair snags. These clippers have a tough, rugged feel thanks to there polycarbonate body, the rubber grips work great even with wet hands.

We get 8 guide combs to create many hairstyles, inc an interchangeable balding blade which takes the hair down razor short ” great feature”. The fact that the blades are removable make for easy cleaning under running water.

Also included is a hard carry case keeps your kit safe on your travels. Clipper oil, cape, brush, scissors. Its like a portable barber shop. These


  • Super tough, rugged design good grip.
  • 10ft cable, great price, easy clean.
  • super strong smooth magnetic motor.
  • Complete kit with extras.


  • No taper lever.
  • Baldes can get hot with prolonged usage.
  • Light weight, small design.

Innovative Design: Corded/Cordless Clippers 2019

Remington Vacuum Hair Clippers Kit

Perfect for the man with OCD don’t like hair on the floor ? no problem this little beauty will hover the hair as its cut. A bit like a lawn mower for you head/face.

This ground breaking clipper comes at a great price, and is a complete kit Inc x6 guide combs +2 taper combs, scissors, cleaning brush + oil also smart carry case.

Precison ground blades take care of business, while the vacuum chamber is large enough to collect a full haircuts worth of hair. Blades are removable easy clean items.

” This is the perfect solution to cutting kids hair who hate the feeling of hair on their face & down their back “.


  • Innovative design use Corded or cordless.
  • Cleans as it cuts.
  • Complete package + accessories.
  • Powerfull motor, great blades.


  • No taper blade.
  • Home use only.
  • Not most durable.

Skin Fade Perfect Blend Vid

Professional Barber Choice: Corded

Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper 3- Blades

Professional quality from the Rolls Royce of hair clippers Oster. These clippers are expensive but you get what you pay for. Super reliable they will literally shave heads to the bone all day long and never skip a beat.

The clippers come with x3 blades which are interchangeable from bald to grade 1. If you look after these clippers they will last you a life time.

Probably a little over kill for home use, not the easies clipper to work with one handed on the back of your head.


  • Super smooth powerfull motor.
  • Great feel quality item.
  • Cuts any hair type all day long.
  • Only hair clipper you’ll ever need.


  • Price.
  • No accessories.
  • Style not to everyones taste.

King of Cordless Hair Clippers 2019

Wahl Professional Limited Edition 100 Year Anniversary Clipper

A worthy of King of Clippers 2019. These are 100 years in the making Limited Edition clippers from WAHL. These are a thing of beauty feel great in the hand such a quality item, with it comes instant braging rights. If money is no object there really is no alternative to theses cordless clippers.

Works great corded and has 70 mins precision cordless cutting through any hair type/texture via a Lithium Ion battery. A Powerfull rotary motor delivers higher speeds at higher torque than ever before .

” these clippers cut smooth with zero drag on the hair, battery delivers great power right till the end. Love the fact that its got a taper lever “

This is a pro use clipper that will take anything a Barber can throw at it. We’ve got a high impact metal housing with a Vintage Wahl Vibe.

Ultimate gift for any Barber !


  • Amazing quality vintage feel.
  • Best cordless clippers available.
  • Great motor & blades.
  • Limited Edition.


  • Price.
  • No accessories.

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