Men’s Holiday Fashion 2019

Yes that time has come blast out of the January blues in style with the latest, men’s holiday fashion 2019. When you picture yourself on paradise beach in the blazing sun checking out chicks, what you wearing? What your wearing tell people everything about you before you even open your mouth. You need to project confidence everything about you needs to scream boss. Check out our 73+ Men’s Trending Hairstyles Gallery

Check out our top to bottom guide from sunnies to flops.

Best Men’s Sunglasses 2019 : Budget

1# Sunglasses wise where thinking Uber Cool “hand made” WOODIES Walnut sunglasses Inc bamboo carry tube. It makes a change from your Ray Bans and is a guaranteed talking point ” Boy you got wood”.

Bnus Italy Classic Polarized: Mid Range

These super cool sunglasses are a modern classic with a brown polarized glass lens + transparent durable nylon frame and black arms. 100% UVA 400 protection. Over 600+ Amazon reviews at 4.5 Star.

men's summer fashion 2019

Ray-Ban 3025 Large Aviator: Luxury

If your looking for new shades in 2019 these are top dog. And with a recent price reduction there even more affordable. Ray-Ban Aviator is a true icon when it comes to men’s sunglasses, the teardrop lenses and large metal frame has barely changed since there design in 1937 “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”

There are 12 different lens and frame color combinations to choose from, all offering 100% UVA protection. Highly rated with over 5000 Amazon reviews.

Oakley Men’s Jawbreaker: Best For Sports

You didn’t think we would make this list without Oakley optic’s did you? there made in the USA and more American than apple pie. Whenever you see marines overseas or law enforcement on patrol 9 times out 10 there wearing Oakleys. There just the business when it comes to tactical fit and comfort.

Jawbreaker men’s sunglasses are awesome for any activity like Mountain or road biking, sailing or jet ski water sports and snowboarding, skiing etc. Basically, jawbreakers stick to your head like there super glued on.

We love the patented switch lock Technology that allows you to switch lens in seconds depending on condition requirements. The len are 100% UVA protective and also impact resistant, another neat feature is the slits in the top of the lens that allows a cooling airflow and stops them steaming up.

2# Accessories Necklace & Rings. A little bling goes along way and after years out of favor, gold is the new black. We love this gold plated Gangsta Chic rectangle necklace it makes me feel all Narcos. This little number is gonna get you noticed chicks will be like “what does your chain say”?

3# Vests look badass if you got the guns and no one has the guns like Punisher !!

4# Swim Shorts need to be high and tight just like “ya skin fade”. Trunks need to be well above the knee, to show off those bulletproof tights from all the squats you’ve been doing. Cos you defo ain’t been missing leg day !!

We’ve picked these perfect length Diesel shorts that come in every flavor. Quick drying material, drawstring design. Be bold the Red & yellow look cool. Nothing says holiday fashion 2019 better than bright trunks.

5# Sanuk Beach Shoes. formal flip flops best describe these there just so much nicer visually than standard thong flops. Super comfy plus look great which trousers if you’re going out for a meal. Great choice of colors at a bargin price.

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