20+ Social Media Free Ways To Beat Boredom​

So what your bored ? the instant reaction is to pick up your mobile and flick through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. To check out everyone else’s perfect lives, of there latest family excursion with kids smiling away for the posed photo.

“we all know the second the picture is taken the kids will scream there heads off about how crap the day is”

So basically social media is the devil its the worst possible thing you can do to kill time but it’s a new phenomenon. What did we do when we were bored 10-15 years ago, whatever it was it was a dam site better for us mentally and physically than checking the web.

I have a teenage son who like 99% of the generation runs home from school to be online till its lights out. You need a google language app to understand what the hell they’re talking about mumbling away when you’ve only asked them a simple question.

beat boredom

But there’s a solution to teenage moodiness its called to get your ass up and take a trek, mountain bike ride in the forest. Yes, there will be much protest inc door slamming, muttered swear words etc, but add a little sweetener to the mix we can take the catapult, air rifle etc something to make it an adventure.

As soon as your 10 mins in its like there’s that awesome little 8-year-old dude again, youll see there face light up. So if it can do this for teenagers just think how it can lift your mood when bored.

#1 Take A Trek In The County.

It’s not about the mileage but aim for 1-2 miles week 1 then build up to 3-4 within a month. Just being in the forest lifts the senses and mood the sights smells are so relaxing. You will sleep better and be fitter your stamina soon increases. If you’re feeling brave master the skills of the compass and map and go off the beaten track. Best of all IT’S FREE.

#2 Beat Boredom Build LEGO.

LEGO is so cool it bridges the generation gap, it’s a challenge that will get your brain fired up whether your 5 or 85. Take an hour here and there or spend a whole day on a project! Modern LEGO sets are a work of art and need to take pride of place when completed they are a real talking point.

And there are so many options to choose from, LEGO Star Wars, Death Star or Millenium Falcon, Jurassic Park, City Monuments, your imagination can really run wild

#3 Take A Tour Of The Dark/Deep Web

deep web

We’ve all seen the youtube horror stories from the Dark Web but it’s not just for terrorists and child rapists. It’s the last frontier of the internet the wild west, so get your Tor Browser downloaded and go exploring. You definitely won’t be bored.

#4 Start A Business

Staring a business or more accurately planning a business can be one of the more rewarding and inspiring things you ever do. The effort you put in and the skills you learn along the way will help you in every aspect of your life, even if you never actually start the venture it will be a great learning curve. Or you might even start the next Amazon who knows.

#5 Fly High In A Hot Air Ballon.

Just imagine the excitement the first balloonists felt all those years ago viewing the Earth from above. Well, you can relive the magic and fear with a Hot Air Balloon experience it will be a day you never forget.

#6 Start A Cult.

Ever wanted to be treated like a living God and have followers kiss your ass and obey your every command. Well, there’s no time like the present grab your soapbox and start ranting in the streets. Just make sure your a cult for the good of humanity and not just a Dirty Pervert If Scientology can make it anyone can “F%&K YOU TOM CRUISE”

#7 Take Up Slingshot /Catapult.

Now, this ain’t as strange as it seems I purchased a Catty and have had hours of fun it’s so addictive. Shooting cans printing off targets making a firing range. Its a cool party trick to slice a playing card in half with a sling shot. I take this little beauty everywhere there’s a real skill involved check out this awesome youtube tutorial.

#8 Get A Pet.

beat boredom

A Lion would be cool but a Dog or Cat would do. You will never be bored if you’ve got a dog to walk which brings us back to #1 walking see multitasking already. Also, your pet needs feeding, training loving its a full-time job but probably the best job you’ll ever get.

#9 Learn An Musical Instrument.

Not only will you look cool as F%$K but it will make your brain work and give you extra income. If you join a band you’ll have friends for life.

#10 Volunteer For Anything.

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a few hours a week to a good cause, and there’s plenty to choose from just google charities in your local area give them a call see what’s beneficial to them.

You can help the youngest in society on outdoor adventures. Or the eldest some old folk are just lonely and need a friendly face who will listen to there words or wisdom and you might even enjoy it.

#11 Take Up Art Beat Boredom

The best thing about modern art is even the shit stuff is good or bad! depends on who you ask go check out your local gallery it sure will beat boredom. And get your creative juices flowing.

#12 Become A Super Hero.

In a world gone mad! bad! need more citizens fighting for the forces of good. Deciding on your superpower is the best bit Invisible, lighting speed or flight etc. Relive your childhood fantasies practice your ninja moves, won’t need to go far to put your skills to the test. Now go watch KICK ASS.

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#13 Break A World Record.

How fly would it be to hold a world record in something ? it doesn’t have to be anything too insane may be the fastest guy to fart the alphabet or stuff 300 twinkies up your ass the worlds your oyster.

#14 build a man caveman.

Don’t tell me you haven’t already spent that power ball win you’re about to have someday! maybe. Well, I have and no millionaires mansion is complete without a Man Cave. A child-free place just for you.

#15 Write A Song.

They say everyone has one good song in them and that’s all you need then your set for life! Merry Christmas by SLADE earns a whopping $500,000 per year in royalties. So think of a super catchy, cheese song sing the shit out of it and chillax.

#16 Soldier Of Fortune.

What could be more exciting and beat boredom like getting all camouflaged up strapping on a fully auto AR and hiring your services out to the highest bidder? It like actual Call of Duty but with fresh air.

Or you could just go paint balling for the same rush.

#17 Play Cards Against Humanity.

Turn to the dark side if you dare & unleash the true horror !

#18 Go To The Bar.

Socialize be happy drown your sorrows whatever your reason drink and be merry.

#19 Write A Book.

Everyone can write a book everyone has an imagination how do I know this? we all daydream don’t we! Write about your favourite subject be it pets, music, serial killer fetishes anything you want. And to get you started check out our invaluable go to publishing guide book below.

#20 Take An Ice Cold Shower

Boom here it is Ice Cold Baby for as long as you can stand it. It’s like meditation you have to psyche your self up, turn the dial to cold take a deep breath then numb invigoration you feel your blood pulsing through your veins. This takes you to a new level it’s awesome your ready for any prick that fucks with your day.

” I even use this as a migraine cure it sort of shocks you into feeling better “

Any Other Boredom Busting Ideas Drop Me A Comment Below