War Paint – Makeup For Men

The office is buzzing! we are so exited about War Paint For Men, a cool brand specially designed makeup for men. It’s 2019 and men are spending more time in-front of the mirror than the ladies, its a fact and there’s no shame in that.

So why when you search War Paint online do you get all the insane negative Tweets, plus major publication headlines like.

War Paint Mens Makeup – Ad campaign met with outrage on Twitter. promoting aggressive, outdated notions of masculinity.


War paint uses toxic masculinity to sell foundation.


So what’s brough on the wrath of the morons, check out the War Paint promo vid below.

Yes this is the offensive item. A guy driving home in his Range Rover, taking a show then applying a few facial creams. Just because the guy is buff has tattoos and has done well for himself this seems to cause offence to the Gender Neutral police!

How can this be considered toxic masculinity? all the guys that come into the barbers shop, gym or on love island are just like or would love to be like the dude in the Ad. War Paint have created a brand that real men will feel fine walking into a store and buying, we would not feel fine going through the racks of ladies cosmetics! leave that to the Neuts.

“Theres no point pumping iron 5 times a week turning yourself into a greek Adonis, only to be let down by your greasy, pale, spotty face.”

The War Paint website is fresh & bang on trend. It goes through each product in great detail plus theres loads of useful tips and video tutorials on product application.

CALM: Campaign-Against-Living-Miserably

Men’s mental health has always been quite a taboo subject. Well, we say, NO MORE. Our “About Us” video gives you a little insight into the origins of War Paint and where the idea for a male orientated product comes from. It follows on with brief explanation as to why we pride ourselves on being an ambassador for men’s mental health charities.

War Paint-Anti Shine Powder

This is our Fav product in the range. We’ve all had days when we shine for the wrong reasons, right ? stay matte & shine free with this pressed translucent Anti-Shine powder goes on like a dream with the applicator brush.

This is the best Anti-Shine product I’ve used, great price. It applied and lasted well during work and play, it stops you looking sweaty and oily highly recommend.

Josh Santos

War Paint – Powder Brush

war paint for men

Use our Powder Brush to apply Bronzer and Powder. 100% Vegan.

How To Use: Dip the sponge into the powder and apply to your face using light, circular motions.

Tinted Moisturiser

war paint for men

Add a splash of color to your pasty skin, this pump action bottle is available in 5 different shades Fair, Light,Tan, Medium & Dark so theres a shade to suit everyone check out the War Paint Shade Guide.

This magic little bottle isn’t just a shade of tint, its also adds tons of moisture to dry skin, acts as a concealer and base all in one and is fast to apply.

Aaron Carter

War Paint – Men’s Bronzer

war paint for men

In a nut shell bronzer is a pressed powder applied by brush to give the appearance of a Suntan, boom how cool is that. Theres no denying that everyone looks better with a healthy glow.

This product is getting Rave Reviews online.

Application: Bronzer is the last product to be applied, first use a FOUNDATION / CONCEALER / TINTED MOISTURISER / BRONZER.

Before & After Bronzer

War Paint – Liquid Foundation

Whats the deal? Foundation is a multi-coloured makeup smoothed over the face to create a uniformed color & complexion. It also covers flaws to give that Insta perfect filtered look.

You generally apply foundation as a base product. This would be after you have prepared your face with a moisturiser primer. You then apply the foundation to the whole face to give a base to work form to apply other products or simply use on its own. 

War Paint For men

We highly recommend products from war paint, we love the brand ethos especially supporting the CALM men’s charity. Check out there website for full details of the product range. Warpaintformen.com