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20+ best ways to make money from home 2020 if you have to self-isolate.

By mhs2019

March 12, 2020

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Do you have to work from home due to coronavirus?

So here's a post I never thought I'd have to write  but as it directly affects me and millions of other workers in the UK it needs to be done. If you're self-employed and live paycheck to paycheck, following government advice and not leaving your house for 3 weeks+ could be your worst nightmare, the mortgage, rent and bills aren't taking a 3 week holiday! Debts will mount up. So finding a way to make money from home is essential.

"That's the doom and gloom over"

Look on the bright side if you're put in a quarantined situation it could be a perfect time to learn a new business skill “side hustle” .  Just think, how many times in your life will you have 336 hours spare to learn?

adam powell image 3

 Adam Powell

Now more than ever we need an income, we need to make  money from home and lots of it! The global recession that is coming will eclipse 2008 and anything before it. Many people up to 1 in 4 will lose their job in 2020 so now is the time to think outside the box.

It's easy for the government to say work from home to save lives! But in reality, it is simply not an option for most workers. If you work in a bar, hair salon, beauticians, mechanic, removal man how are you meant to work from home due to coronavirus?

There are 100's of websites claiming you can make money online but most of these sites are talking crap and won't make you a penny. We only recommend tried and tested methods to earn a living online, we will be adding to this list as time goes on.

Creating something positive takes you out of the dark. It gives you the energy and motivation we will all need in the coming months. So try one of the 10 jobs in the list; the learning process will be just as rewarding as any financial gains."

If you do nothing else read at least 1 of these 3 books they changed my concept of money and entrepreneurship; in fact they were the inspiration for this very website.

Top 3 books for entrepreneurs

rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a Robert Kiyosaki classic it completely changes the way you think about money management and how to achieve your wealth goals. It's great advice for any entrepreneur or even parent wanting to guide their kids.

5 of 5 Stars
naked trader

The Naked Trader

Don't be put off by the humorous title this book is dynamite! If you've ever wanted to trade stocks and shares, this is the book for you. This was the 8th trading manual I read the other 7 might as well have been written in Chinese! I was about to give up until I read this book and all was explained in plain workable English and so began my trading obsession.You want to make money from home read this book!

4 of 5 Stars
grant cardone

The 10x Rule

Multi-millionaire Grant Cardone smashes business motivation into you with a sledgehammer, wham get the job done! This is my go-to motivational book when I'm lacking enthusiasm. Read it and let Grant kick your ass!

4 of 5 Stars

This is a guide to the Top 10 best ways to make some paying income if yo have to work from home due to coronavirus assuming you have some form of internet access. 

The ideas are ones that you can easily implement without being a rocket scientist. Above each section, we have made a content box with a few keywords that gives you the key points of each job, things like start up costs, experience needed, time before you'll be making money, Can you work via mobile phone, is it a Passive Income. Example below.

Zero Start-up Costs | Newbie | Mobile-PC | 24h | Passive Income

Make Money From Home UK


Respondent #1

Zero Start-up Costs | Newbie | Mobile-PC | 12h 

Respondent is our No1 choice as it's super flexible and offers a great hourly rate. Its a research website that pays professionals between £100 - £700 per hour to take part in online studies. Sign up is free and only takes a few minutes, simply complete your profile verifying your expertise via work email. Respondent's algorithm then matches you to specific studies which you can complete in a time that suits you. You're then automatically paid via PayPal. Happy days.


There are 100's of projects available to start now!

Trend Researchers wanted:
Earn $150:  duration 90 mins

Do you want to contribute to the future of data-driven decision-making in fashion product development? Here is your chance. We want to talk to you, an experienced Fashion professional, who can give us insight into how you do your work.

Cybersecurity professional:
Earn $160: duration 60 mins

We are an industry-leading cybersecurity vendor working to streamline threat management and other security operations. We are looking for security professionals to provide feedback on a security data analytics dashboard solution.

Security professionals
Earn $120: duration 60 mins

We are interested in speaking with security professionals who are GitLab users, about their needs with regards to behavioral analytics and monitoring for suspicious or unwanted user activity. Give us a hand and contribute to shaping GitLab's Security features!

Join Respondent Start earning today!


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest #2

Zero Start-up Costs | Newbie | Mobile-PC | 24h | Passive Income | Affiliate Marketing

I've been affiliate marketing on Pinterest for 5 years now and its simplicity is what makes it awesome, its the perfect way to make money from home for people with no experience It's an untapped online market place, it's been dubbed the search engine of ideas! That's what makes it the perfect selling platform.

So what's affiliate marketing on Pinterest and why should I do it?

Think of your pin on Pinterest as an advert, that small piece of online retail is your shop front.  All you have to create is an eye-catching image and 500 words to describe your product and its benefits and make a sale! Sounds easy? Well, it is but getting it right sure isn't.

Check out my pin for a men's leather sling bag, you upload the pin created on Canva "I like to make the pins humorous to grab attention" then write your description- you get up to 500 words- include hashtags such as my example #mensfashion #fashion #menswear worked well.

affiliate marketing on pinterest

The next bit is where the magic happens!  Where it says "add destination link" you add a link to a product on Amazon and if clicked the customer is taken to the amazon store and if a purchase is made you receive a percentage of the sale anything up to 10% of the product value.  So a £100 bag might earn you £10 in affiliate commission. We use Amazon affiliate links as you can market nearly any product from Amazon's vast catalogue.

How To Earn $150 Per Affiliate Click!

Pro secret if you want big money affiliate commission "true passive income", you need to join programs like Fiverr affiliates that pay up to $150 per new customer signup and purchase! Boom imagine if you sell 10 of those a day $1500 every day of the week. 

Now that's worth quitting your 9-5 for. Promoting Fiverrs products and services is easy they virtually sell themselves! Sign up to Fiverr affiliates now.

This is an excellent first step for affiliate marketers who want to make money from home as it's got zero start-up costs and is a quick business to upscale to a full blog.

If this sounds like your kind of business and you want to learn more check out our in-depth step by step guide to making money on Pinterest.


Answer questions on JustAnswer #3

Advanced-Skilled | PC | £20 min payout |

If you're an expert in any of the following fields you can get paid to give advice online.

  • IT
  • Mechanic, Car, Boat
  • Finance
  • Computer
  • Homework
  • Pets
  • Wellness
  • Law and much more.

This is a great "Side Hustle" and an excellent way to make money working from home as it gives you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want during flexible working hours to suit you.

You get paid a percentage of the answer value starting at 20% then progressing upto 50%. Sign up is free and straight forward although they do use a third party to verify your expertise which is good as we can't have just anyone giving medical advice now, can we! Payment is made via Paypal once your answer is accepted by the client.

Sign up today and you can earn between £20-£100 referring your friends to become experts! No brainer.



If you're not camera shy and love the sound of your own voice then this can be the perfect job for you. All you need is a smartphone and an idea.

There are a million ways to monetize YOUTUBE the main ones being either reviewing products then putting an affiliate link in the comments below the video. If a viewer clicks the link they are taken to an online store where if they make a purchase and you receive a percentage of the product value from 5-50%; the trick is to do high ticket items which can earn you big bucks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Pay per click!

The other way to cash in big on YOUTUBE is to place video ads at the start, middle etc of your vlogs. These are ads that play before you see the content, the ones you can usually skip after 5-20 seconds. These ads can earn a vlogger $3-$5 per 1000 views. Just think how much Ryan's Toy Review has made with its 36 Billion, yes Billions of channel views.

Top 10 Niches for Making Money On YOUTUBE

  1. Tech & Gadget Reviews
  2. Fitness
  3. Unboxing
  4. Comedy
  5. Top 10's
  6. Life Hacks
  7. Gaming Reviews
  8. Parody
  9. DashCam
  10. Pets

Hey, love the idea of being the next Youtube sensation!

Or maybe you just have specific knowledge or talent you’d like to share with the world? but turning that idea into an awesome movie clip is no mean feat. Believe me, I've tried the first 100 or so videos I made were super cringy and I couldn't press delete fast enough. 

Then we discovered Jon Youshaei and his awesome "7 Secrets To Promote Any Product" Viral Marketing course. Jon is a Marketing Manager At YouTube, Ranked As One Of World's Top Marketers By Forbes & Entrepreneur.

His course includes.

  • Think Like a Magazine, Not a Salesman (4:30)
  • Content Is King, but Consistency Is Queen (3:56)
  • Ethically Steal Your Competitors' Customers (8:12)

And much more. The course has "371" reviews at 4.9* 

The course is in-depth and competitively priced. There's a FREE preview and the first lessons is FREE so what are you waiting for theres nothing to loose!


Blogger, Content Creation #2

make money from home content creation blog

This is my 3rd blog and #1 favourite way to make money from home, online. Unlimited earning potential you can make $millions$ with the right blog idea. The startup is a low cost, all you need is a good web host company.
Then just start to write, everyone is an expert in something: be it fixing cars, planting trees or frugal living; the subject isn't important.

My 1st two blogs were about Men's Hairstyles! Because I am an expert on the subject, that's my niche, my sites ranked on the first page of Google and at one time had 800,000 monthly views.

You monetize a blog by either selling your own products directly from the website or by adding affiliate links. So with my hair blogs, I showed a hairstyle and explained which hair product I used to create the effect spikes, curls etc. Then if a viewer clicked on the product link they were redirected to Amazon and if the product was purchased I got a commission 5-10% of the item value.

How to make real online money!

The Huffington Post makes $14 million dollars a month, it's the world's most successful affiliate marketing website, study its design to shape your own.

Low-value vs High- value
There are two choices in the affiliate marketing business model. You can go low markup and sell many items at a low cost ie kitchen gadgets from Amazon and make 10% on 100's sales!

Or you go for high-value sales like getting clients to sign up to

Fiverr affiliates where you can earn $150 per new signup I go high value all the way if you're going to go to all that effort it needs to pay well.

Want a High Earning website Without the Hassle?

Earn £1000's a month with a Pro Amazon Affiliate website

amazon affiliate website

With My 6 Years Experience In WordPress Website Design

Get commission from the Amazon affiliate program 

High converting 'Done For You' Amazon Affiliate website store that needs minimum maintenance.

Basic pack with 400products:-

  • Autopilot (auto Titles, descriptions and prices Auto updates)
  • Affiliate Plugin
  • Woo commerce
  • Affiliate Products Added (Products depend on which pack you will buy)
  • Premium plugins( some are free)
  • tandard pack with 1000products:-
    Basic pack +
    • Custom Professional Design (every design going to be made from stretch)
    • Blog Section (Articles not provided)
    • your niche categories
    • Basic logo (if you did not have any logo for your website)

Julie Farr

Really love it and he even went above and beyond what i asked def worth 5 stars

John celebon

I was very pleased with the professional nature and the manner that hsbdigitalmart engaged with me. The process was very straightforward and indeed, they delivered me a quality product on time that exceeded my expectations.

Prices start at £4.50


Sell Your Skills On Fiverr #3

So Fiverr is where the whole "make money from home" gig economy started. It's like eBay but for skills/services, instead of selling items you're selling your skills. There are 100's of categories, the popular ones include:

  • Logo Design
  • Ebook Creation
  • Video Game Design
  • Voice-overs, Audiobooks
  • T-shirt Design and so much more

I use Fiverr on my websites as it suits me better than having full-time staff. When I need a website graphic, a logo designing or a video editing I go straight to Fiverr; it's like having your own expert on hand 24/7.

Check out this cool page for Tattoo designs.

make money from home Fiverr

You should check out the website for inspiration I bet you've got a skill you can sell!

How to earn £500k gig working online, designing logos

Fiverr £500k Case Study

The example below is a guy who will create you x2 minimalist logo designs for a standard package charge of £45 "that's the most popular choice" and he's completed 12550 tasks with 4.9 stars so he is top in his class.

If we do the maths he's earned an amazing £564,750 yes that is over half a million GDP not bad for a side hustle.

He's even got 170 orders in the queue so thats another £7560.

Sign up is free, you price your services between $5-$999 and that connects you to a global audience. There is a gig sold every 4 seconds and 50+ million have been sold! You keep 80% of your profits and 20% goes to Fiverr to use on their market place. It's super flexible, you work the hours you want; a perfect online money maker if you find yourself self-isolated. If this sounds like somenthing you would be interested in, sign up for Fiver now its free!


Trade Stocks & Shares #7

There's an art to stock day trading very few can master! It's been said that 75% of traders fail, but if it was easy we'd all be millionaires. I took up the challenge in 2016 I always thought it would be cool to sit behind a rack of 6 monitors like a real Wall Street tycoon, this experience was the most thrilling "side hustle" to date however the profit-making potential is limitless but the losses can be equally devastating.

how to make money from home if you self-isolate

The difference between day trading and stock market investing 

Is that day trading can be super fast-paced, you can buy and sell a share within minutes or even seconds you wouldn't usually hold stock for more than a day or two.

You day trade on that morning's information i.e the news says tourists are in isolation on a cruise ship with a virus you "sell" shares in that company so you bet against the shares going up for every penny the share goes down you earn a specific amount of money. It works the same if a company has had some good news you "buy" the shares.

Whereas stock market investing is buying a share in Cola or Disney and keeping it for years, living off the dividends.

So that's a summary of trading I could make a whole website just on this topic with ebooks and live webinars and it would only scratch the surface you need to do your research read every rated trading book on Amazon before you ever make a trade. Also, I suggest you join Stocktwits it's the FB of trading and is the font of all knowledge. If you are really serious you can hire a stock trading expert to give you 1 on 1 lessons.

​Now you've got the knowledge all you need to do is sign up for a

reputable trading platform then start trading. Good luck and if you get any hot info, email me!

"Guess what I'll be doing working from home during isolation when I'm not writing this blog"


Create An Ebook  #8

Ever been at a school reunion then when someone asks you what you do for a living then lie that you're an author! Well, now you don't have to lie, there's never been a better time to put your thoughts down on paper, let your imagination run wild. Need motivation? Check out the Amazon best sellers to see what's hot!

how to make money from home ebook

Ebooks are what we call Passive Income which means they make money 24/7. Whether you're in bed or on holiday or whatever, Amazon is selling your ebook all over the world day and night without you having to lift a finger, how cool is that?

Creating an ebook is super simple with ebook creation software like Designrr "which is what I use" the app takes care of all the page layout mumbo-jumbo so you can concentrate on creating your masterpiece. I love Designrr so much I've created an easy to follow step by step guide to get you and running.

Getting it published is also a straightforward thanks to Amazon's own publication service Amazon KDP which has an excellent informative video guide, check it out.

"Something tells me that after 2020 we will all have a story to tell"


Create A Personal Brand #9

Create a personal brand. Just think Kylie Jenner gets paid $12M per Instagram post now that's serious money! It's made her the world's youngest billionaire at just 21. Even if you get a small slice of the pie it could set you up financially for life. You need to pick your niche maybe you're funny and can joke around or maybe you're a fitness expert. Whatever you do, be the best out there and sponsorship money will come rolling in.

Learn everything you will ever need to know about self promotion with  

Professional Personal Brand Creation

gig work on fiverr

Dennis Yu: Creating A

Personal Brand 101: course available now

Do you have a book idea that you’ve always wanted to write, but are worried it won’t sell? Have you dreamed of traveling the world giving lectures on your field of expertise?

If so, this is the course for you.

Learn from digital marketing expert, Dennis Yu, as he takes you through the information that he has accumulated over a twenty-year career in digital marketing.

This course has been deliberately crafted to help you learn how to build your personal brand to then monetize your expertise in the method of your choosing. 

Regardless of the industry, you wish to enter, this course can help you build the career you’ve always wanted.


How To Make Money From Home

Drop Servicing #10

Anyone who's looking into making money from home or working online has come across Dropshipping which is advertising products from China on eBay, Shopify etc then having the Chinese supplier ship the product directly to your customer. Which was a great business model and has made a lot of entrepreneurs a lot of money! I even spent countless hours writing the definitive guide to dropshipping blog post. But all that is irrelevant as drop shipping in 2020 is over due to our current situation.

how to make money from home drop servicing

New King In Town?

But all is not lost there's a new king and his name is Drop Servicing, it's going to rock 2020 and beyond. Drop servicing is advertising other peoples custom, bespoke usually digital products designs on your website or other media. Once you have sold the product or service and been paid only then do you pay your supplier who ships the item to your customer. So you never have to store or insure any stock you never need to pay postage, just advertise and take payment then pay a percentage to the supplier.

We decide the profit mark up and as the products are usually one-offs you can charge what you like.
Drop servicing products can be anything from bespoke ebooks, custom tattoo designs, cartoon animations or one of one t-shirt designs.