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Designrr Ebook Creation Software Step By Step Guide

By mhs2019

March 27, 2020

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I came across Designerr ebook creation software completely by accident! I was researching how to make free downloadable guides to give to my clients. I was stressing for days about creating my first ebook then googled the problem and came across Designrr which is awesome. I thought you'd have to have a degree in I.T or be an author but it's completely foolproof. You can create an ebook or PDF download in 5-10 minutes.

 Creating an ebook is a great way to spend your time if you have to work from home while self-isolating. Not only does it take your mind off all the covid 19 news and social media hype. It's teaching you new skills not only writing but online ebook creation also think of it as a side hustle. And you never know you could produce the next bestseller and become a millionaire author!

How Designrr ebook creation software works.

Once you've spent a couple of minutes signing up, you reach your Designrr dashboard which is full of useful hints and tips to get the most out of the software. But if you're like me you just dive straight in and launch a new project! for me, it's best to learn on the job. When you click on a new project you have several options to create your content which are:

designer ebook creation software
ebook creation software

Ebook content creation

1. Website/ Blog URL

To create an ebook in 10 minutes you simply copy and paste a blog post URL into the project, that post becomes a fully formatted ebook! It is that easy. I had a 6,000 word blog post on side hustles that converted perfectly into an ebook, you just have to spend a few minutes editing the document till it's perfect.

2. Import from Google Doc

Import your Google Docs then let Designrr work its magic! you will have an ebook ready to publish within minutes.

3. YouTube video!

This is what makes Designrr extra legit. You can copy and paste a YOUTUBE video or audio file and it will be transcribed to ebook txt in minutes. This is a game-changer if you prefer video content creation and hate typing Designrr does all the hard work for you.

4. Start from scratch

Of course, you can let your creative juices flow and just start typing! see what happens and correct it all later. And that's all well and good if you've got a degree in English literature? but for everyone else I would prefer to iron out any problems before I get too deep.

What do I mean? well every blog post, ebook, PDF download is written on a free program called Grammarly which checks spellings, grammar, delivery, correctness, clarity, engagement and marks it out of 100 making anyone a genius and all completely free of charge. Only then do I copy and paste the text to a WordPress blog post, google docs etc.

learn how to create an ebook 2020

Bonus! Learn How To Create And Market An Ebook. Free PDF Download.

Download our FREE PDF. It's a step by step guide to creating and marketing your first Ebook!

The power of speech! 140 or 40 words per minute ?

Here's a little cheat I've learnt to smash through my text content creation: it supercharges your productivity x3.

ebook creation software

How is this possible? well, you can type 40 words per minute if you're a pro typist or you can talk 140 words per minute if you're an average human. This is possible using the free Google Docs mobile app. Simply open a document and press the Mic icon then start talking, your voice will instantly be translated to text which can then be copied and pasted to a blog post or used with ebook creation software.

100+ free ebook templates

designrr 100 free templates

Once you chose how to upload your text we move on to the fun part! picking template there are 100+ awesome free front cover graphics to choose from they suit every type of niche from:

  • Travel, outdoors, sight seeing
  • Wealth, business
  • Online marketing, blogging, vlogging
  • Many more

So you dont need to be "Picaso" to have a professional looking ebook.

Personalisation of content
The great thing about Designrr is how natural it feels to use. I was editing, adding media changing the layouts, fonts, back pages etc within the first few minutes of ever using the software and that's without viewing any tutorials, most of it is self-explanatory.

editing designrr ebook creation software

Designrr saves hours and hours of work if you're building a personal brand, by making one piece of content work on many different media's. You can take your 30-minute youtube video and make it into a 4,000-word ebook, PDF download and WordPress blog post. Those 3 pieces of text content would take you hours to type out manually, just think of the extra exposure you can create.

Whats included


  •   Lifetime access to Designrr ebook creation software
  • Create unlimited ebooks, reports, lead magnets
  • Full training videos and step-by-step tutorials
  • In-app chat support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free Content Marketing For Dummies (Digital Edition)
  • FREE Access to our Facebook Community (over 9000 members)
  • FREE Personalized training for Designrr on request
  • FREE Commercial License (Value $497)

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