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How to make money on Pinterest Today!

By mhs2019

April 5, 2020

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Want to work from home? learn how to make money on Pinterest!

The easiest way to make money working from home online in 2020 is to start Pinterest affiliate marketing, Why? Zero start up costs you can be signed up and make money within 24 hours and not just any money “Passive Income”. You don't need any skills “just this guide” It can even earn £150+ per day working just with a mobile phone! Making money on Pinterest can be a great side hustle or can even evolve into a full time job.  Let me show you how.

I experienced the power of how to make money on Pinterest in 2016 with my first blog "men's hairstyles" and no BS it changed the way I've promoted websites forever. This is a step by step guide from beginning to money in your bank! 

If you haven't got a Pinterest account sign-up now it's free and takes a couple of minutes, plus this tutorial will make much more sense if you are familiar with the platform. 

make sure you choose a username that will get you noticed in your Niche one of my user accounts is called "Probarbertips" its specialises in men's hairstyles etc. My other account is called "Livesmartuk" it's about making smart money decisions in the UK. See how this works if you're giving gym or work out advice. Call it XXXX workouts etc.

Once you have a personal account you can upgrade for free to a business account which is super simple to set up.

Analytics! to make money on Pinterest is all about the numbers. 

The business account gives you extra valuable analytical information in the dashboard and lets you set up ad campaigns.these analytics includes .

  • Impressions: How many people have seen your pin.
  • Engagments + close-ups: The number of people and (% of views) who have taken a closer look, clicked on your pin.
  • Link Clicks: The only one that really matters as this is the money maker!
  • Saves: How many people have saved one of your Pins to their boards.

link click's this is the boss! the important one it tells you who's loved your pin so much they have clicked on the link to your website. So this tells you that pins a winner and you must replicate that success in all your other pins! ask yourself why, was it the image used? or the keyword title? the description? This is valuable information, marketers pay fortunes for this!

See how my top pin has had over 68,000 hits this month and that's for mens hairstyles, men actually only account for 29% of Pinterest users can you imagine how many hits ladies hairstyles would have got. Women make up 71% of Pinterest users with an 85% age range of between 25-52 memorize this fact it's going to make you rich.

how to make money on pinterest

 make sure you "claim your website" if you have one" this is done by copy and a line of HTML text provided by Pinterest and pasting it in your header tag "I use a WordPress plugin called Headers and footers which makes this step a breeze" Once you've claimed your site if anyone saves one of your pins it links to your site "free advertising awesome" 

So by now, you've got a business account with an awesome username and linked to a website if you have one. Fill in your Bio, make yourself sound knowledgeable in your niche and use keywords! more on this later.

Pinterest is not just a social site!

The difference between Pinterest and every other social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. On all these other social sites you're just browsing, wasting time looking at other people's crap, maybe even a funny fail clip whatever, you're not looking for a specific "niche product" you might search for when the supermarket opens etc but nothing of value. And for all those ads that pop up only 1 out of 20 grab your attention and even then when was the last time you clicked on one!

Market research & target audience  

On Pinterest, you have a targeted audience of 320 million. So what does all this mean for making money? it means everything here's how. If you have any experience on Pinterest you will know it's a search engine for ideas! It's like Google in that respect. People who use Pinterest are looking for something either information or products. And once we find out what they are searching for we can sell them what they want.

First things first find out what the public wants! It's called market research and here's how it's done. Read this article, it's your research bible: Pinterest100.com this will give you a detailed description of exactly what's trending that year. It's a foolproof guide if you want to make money on Pinterest this is the blueprint.

how to make money on pinterest
pinterest affiliate marketing

See how the search term Audio Rooms has increased by 803% this year, knowing this is golden. If you have no clue what to sell we will start here.If you click on Audio Rooms it takes you to the Pin search for that term scrutinise the top 5 Pins for ideas. Next we need to verify there is a growing demand for this search by typing it into Google.trends.

When we search the term Audio Rooms in Google.trends we want to see the trend line increasing which shows demand as it does in the image below “if the lines going down forget about it”.

how to make money on pinterest, google trends

The best 2 ways to make money on Pinterest


 #1 Affiliate Marketing.

So what do we do with our market research and how are we going to sell people Audio Room equipment? We have x2 choices we can create a Pinterest pin which has an affiliate link  and when that link is clicked it takes the customer directly to Amazon "other affiliate sites are available" if the customer purchases anything on Amazon within 24 hours it doesn't even have to be the product from the pin! you get a percentage of that sale, it's called affiliate marketing.

You're getting paid to advertise another website's products. I use Amazon as an example as it's the biggest affiliate and you can list 95% of their products directly on your pin's. Setting up an Amazon affiliate account is completely free; you can have as many listings as you want. The profits you can make is limitless. 

Pinterest affiliate marketing is a form of Passive Income earn 24/7

create a passive income on pinterest infographic

So people are seeing your pins and hopefully clicking your affiliate links 24/7 365.

Their only downside is there's you have to sell many items on Amazon affiliate as commissions vary from 12% on fashion to 1-3% on mobiles, electronics, but for the huge choice, Amazon affiliate is an awesome way to make money on Pinterest. See full commission details.

affiliate marketing on pinterest

Above is a pin I created to sell a men's leather shoulder bag which was trending last year. Get creative with your pins add graphics etc I use an app called Canva but there's more on pin creation later.

The image below is how to upload images, heading, descriptions and where it says to add "destination link you copy and paste an Amazon affiliate link," it is that simple.

affiliate marketing on pinterest

Benefits of Pinterest affiliate marketing


  • zero start up costs  
  • Simple user friendly platform
  • Unlimited business idea's
  • Passive income earn 24/7
  • No experience needed just this guide
  • Can be a side hustle or full time job

Conclusion: Pinterest affiliate marketing

A perfect first step for anyone who wants to work online from home. It's got low start up costs it can be done in your spare time as a side hustle or with practice can become a full time job. The opportunities are limitless.


#2 Custom Website/ Blog

The second option is to create a custom website like the one you're reading now! Don't worry this isn't as daunting as it seems, if I can do it with zero IT skills then anyone can. I have created a step by step foolproof guide to teach you every aspect of awesome blog creation.

How to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog

But here's the basics to help you get started. All you need to do is get a

good hosting company, I use Siteground. There are others out there like Godaddy "who I was with but not anymore! if you can't say anything good say nothing"

You can have a website hosted on Siteground for as little as £2.95 per month I know I'm biased but that is awesome what else could you buy for so little these days, and this could end up being your full-time job making you £1000's per week.

Choose the correct website “domain” name. It can be catchy and meaningless, think “Google” or it can describe your business like “ladiessummerfashion.com” example. If you go to the add service tab on the right hand side of the Siteground dash board. See image you can see if your domain name idea is available and in what variants .com .uk .eu .org etc. 

site ground

When you start your blog-website the same Pinterest research rules apply, like picking the right money-making niche. You can have a blog about anything but we are trying to make money so do your research. Don't start a blog about how to cut your toe nails cos no one gives a s%^t and no one will read it. 

Write a blog about how to have fun with the kids during lockdown, you can show them games and fun activities then sell them you Ebook! There's big search traffic for this niche at the moment I wonder why?

When we have a blog the reason we pin is to get a massive wave of targeted Pinterest traffic directed at our website. In the add destination link instead of putting an affiliate link we put our website address URL. This makes the pins an advert for our website.

So can Pinterest really drive traffic to my blog?

 In answer to the question check out a screen shot of one of my Pinterest accounts. 

How to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog

So where it says monthly unique visitors yes that's 840,000 per month! You cannot buy that kind of advertising. And remember only 29% of Pinterest users are men if my blog was ladies hair, wow how many visitors would I get then. When you're getting massive Pinterest traffic like that you only need a small percentage to click your link and you're golden. I was getting more traffic from Pinterest than Google.

Below is one of my Pins that get traffic to this very site, notice how it differs from the affiliate link pin, this one is made to grab your attention and make you want more information!

canva pinterest graphic

Now that we know how to get tarffic to our blog how do we get paid? 

Two ways you either sell a product that you will buy, store and ship or you could try dropshipping, but doing this requires you to be an online store and take payments, ship items have insurance bla bla bla. All this is fine but it's not the best way to make money, the best way is the same as with Pinterest it's via affiliate links but now we have our website it's a whole other ball game. Now we have access to the big money instead of getting 10% from items on Amazon or Aliexpress

Earn up to $150 per Affiliate Click!

 You can go for high-value sales like getting clients to sign up to Fiverr affiliates where you can earn $150 per new signup I go high value all the way if you're going to go to all that effort it needs to pay well.

The money you can make is insane just think about moneysavingexpert.com that's an affiliate site they recommend car insurance, holidays, gas and electric, mobile phones etc, be assured if you click on one of these deals the link you follow to Vodafone is an affiliate one, they will be earning serious money.  

learn social media marketing

Want a website with out the hassle?

Earn upto 10k a month with a Pro Amazon Affiliate website

amazon affiliate website

Looking for an amazon affiliate associate specialist? You've definitely found him!

I will setup up to $10k per month autopilot amazon affiliate website 

Without API Key using WordPress. I have been successfully working on

amazon affiliate marketing for over five years. I will research you a profitable niche & keyword. You can definitely be confident to me.

Features that your Website will have:
  • Responsive Design (All device friendly)
  • Sliders, Logo & Banner
  • Page Builder & Mega Menu
  • Custom Header & Footer
  • Social Media integration
  • SSS (SEO, SSL & Speed)
  • Mailchimp pop-up Form
  • Live Search Bar
  • WooCommerce Functionality
  • Product Categories
  • Woozone autopilot System
  • Call to Action Button
  • 90 Days Cookies
  • Best Selling Products
  • And Many More

He kept a perfect balance between meeting up with my wishes and recuests, and still keeping the site the way he knows it would work the best. Will hire him agian soon!

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How to create a money making Pinterest pin 

So now for the bit we’ve all been waiting for how to create an awesome pin! Once you've got a Pinterest account you can basically just upload any photo from your gallery and that's your pin, great for holiday shots but you ain't going to make a penny with it. You need a design platform. The one that I and 99% of other pinners use is called Canva and it's free so there is no reason not to use it! It's a graphic design solution but simplified by 1000 my kids can use it and there are only 11. 

Pin design

Canva is user friendly and is all you need to run professional social media marketing campaigns. From the Canva dashboard, select Create a design from there you choose your dimensions from Facebook post/banner, Instagram, Twitter, Infographic and a million other dimensions including custom.

But we will be choosing a Pinterest pin! you can either choose from one of the hundreds of preset templates everything from birthdays, holidays, adverts, weddings, once you find the perfect template you can customize it completely change the Texts, backgrounds, colours, images anything and everything until it's perfect.

canva for pinterest

I usually choose a blank pin and have an idea of what I want to create "I keyword search my pins topic in Pinterest first, i.e how to make money on Pinterest look at the top 5 designs in the search results then try and make a better pin than any of them!"

When you select a blank pin the menu on the left-hand side has the following options. Select an item from the menu then simply drag and drop onto the design!

canva pinterest dashboard

Photos: 100s of photos from ferrari, mega yachts, beaches, sunsets anything you can imagine.

Templates: For any occasion customise how you want.

Elements: This is really cool 1000’s of cartoon graphics rockets, knights, sunglasses, GIFs, overlay them onto you photos to add some attention grabbing quirkiness. 

Text: Handwriting, bold, posh, you name it they have it the list is long.

Music: Obviously 

Videos: We now have the option of adding small video clips to the pins and from my personal research they seem to get those clicks we want. 

Backgrounds: Paper, sunset's, waterfall's, city, barber shop crazy huge selection.

Uploads: You can upload and use any image in the universe!

Pinterest advert

See my pin example: A pin's job is to grab attention. It needs to stand out from the crowd and millions of other pins! Why should someone click on your pin? It needs all the right ingredients. Bold colours brighter the better “i've never had any luck with black and white” 

Bold clear text get your message across in a few words as possible, double check every pin for spellings etc also get a second opinion ask a friend if they get the gist of the pin from the head line. You only have a couple of lines to sell your product. 

People also like to see other people on pin’s, happy smiling people its human nature.

The 4 types of Pinterest Pin

01 Standard Pin

We have standard pin’s which I have been using in my examples. These are awesome and will make up 80% of your marketing campaign.

canva pinterest graphic

02 Infographic

We can also use Infographics. I personally love these things as they are twice the length of the standard, pin therefore we can add twice as much info. Just think on a standard pin you can say check out this “book” and a little info, on an infographic you can have Top 5 books and a small piece of info about each one, awesome.

Infographics get massive attention when done correctly “there's tons of templates on Canva” if you're serious about making money on Pinterest you HAVE to use infographics in marketing. 

how to make money on Pinterest 2020

03 Story Pin

Story pin’s are new for 2019/20 they let you have 20 standard pin’s in one to tell a story, which is super useful “I usually only use 5 pin’s in a story as I think I can get my point across in 5 and also don't want to bore the viewer” On a PC/Mac the story scrolls down, on a mobile it’s a swipe left. Story pins are good if you don't think you can really promote your product in a single pin or infographic. You can go into much more detail.

The only problem is each story pin has to start with a front cover pin! So if the cover pin doesn't grab you no one will flick through the other 5-20 that you've just created, which would be an insane waste of your time.

04 Video Pin

Lastly we have video pin’s competing with Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tock and the rest. If you can make a good video then that's awesome this could be the future of making money on Pinterest, if you cannot then leave well alone. 

How to increase your Pinterest traffic by 17,000% OMG.

so this is mind-blowing! My experiment I posted x2 identical pins at the same time with the same key-word description. Boom the standard Pin got 21 views vs story Pins 3,700 views 27 closeups and 4 saves! So who’s the winner? story Pins all the way.

I use 5-8 page story pins to keep the user engaged and you can get more than enough product information in those pages. So to answer my earlier question are story Pins worth the extra work? Yes, they are, you will have to use them with any Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy in 2021.

how to increase pinterest viewers

Best time to Pin on Pinterest.

best time to post on Pinterest

Pinterest is a board game!

So we create pins which are our mini sales funnels “adverts” each pin goes on a Board, it’s like pinning your holiday snaps on a chalkboard at home you would have summer holidays on one board winter holidays on another etc. The same goes for Pinterest here's a board example. I will show you what's right and what's wrong.

Board name: Mens fashion

Men’s fashion, latest Men’s fashion, great men’s fashion!

Mens fashion? the term is too broad we need to narrow it down to a niche and be super specific.

The description is not a statement it doesn't flow it's keyword cramming and Pinterest will penalise you in search results. don't be too pushy, be natural and pretend you're describing your board to a friend.

The keyword is “Mens Fashion” look how we blend it through the description.

How to rapidly build your Pinterest followers.

Hey we don't all have weeks or even months to build up a large audience, unless we promote pins but if times are tight it's not always possible! Here's a little trick that works wonders to grow your clicks “I mean followers lol” it's simple when you create a new pin or board and want to promote it to a target audience, type your exact pin title into the Pinterest search bar.

This will bring up all the other related pins examples: if I was promoting this blog page I would search “how to make money on pinterest” I would click on the No1 pin open that pinners details click on their followers and follow them.

Then what usually happens is they see I've added them check out my account, which is similar to what they have been searching for “but i've created better pins hopefully” they then follow me and view my pins. It is surprising how rapidly your followers increase. 

Best Resources for Pinterest 2020

#1st Rated
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I've been pinning and optimizing many accounts for four years, and my simple advice to anyone struggling on Pinterest is to create high-quality pin designs daily, and you need to be persistent if you want to level up your Pinterest game and stand out from the crowd.

To get the best design and service, we rely on our skills on photoshop; we don't use any template from Canva.

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