April 17


Drop Servicing The Future of Making Money Online

By mhs2019

April 17, 2020

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drop servicing the future of online business

What is Drop servicing and why should I do it?

If you've found my post for Drop Servicing I know you’ve been searching for ways to make money working from home or how to make money online. This has been a massively trending search in 2020 for obvious reasons! Most of the world is stuck in lockdown with no way of making money, and who's to say you'll even have a job when Coronavirus has gone, with job loss estimates reckoning 1 in 5 jobs will be lost in 2020! 

But all is not lost, we need to embrace the situation, we can lay down and cry or you can fight back, fight for your future! If you're in a service industry barber, builder, hairdresser, masseuse anything hands on it's a gameover, who knows when you'll be up and running again. Your job might have stopped but the bills don't. Whilst in lockdown it's the perfect time to learn a new skill. This is why we need a future proof online way to make money working from home and Drop Servicing is that job.

Drop servicing is the evolution of dropshipping!

We've all heard of dropshipping its advertising products we don't own! usually from Aliexpress, a Chinese wholesaler supplier. We advertise these products on our ecommerce website “online store” or on ebay or even Amazon “shouldn't really” once the product has been purchased from our store only then do we purchase it from Aliexpress then Aliexpress ship it directly to our customer. We never physically have the product. This business model has been a golden goose for 10,000’s web stores for many years.

But guess what times have changed! Dropshipping was dated and dying anyway it's just Covid-19 put the last nail in the coffin.

The products sold via dropshipping are usually fake goods, cheap crap that takes 2-4 weeks to arrive after travelling halfway round the world! Not environmentally friendly and the dropshipping market is completely saturated “ you ain't gonna make a penny dropshipping period! no matter what the Instagram ads say”.   

dropshipping infographic

The good news is if you already run a dropshipping store you can easily convert it to a Drop service one.

Check out our article 5 reasons dropshipping is dead 2020

So what is a Drop Servicing business?

Imagine an online store that's top of google for the search term mens gifts or mens unique gifts etc you get the idea. So instead of selling a load of cheap tat from China. It actually sells awesome bespoke gifts that the gift receiver will be blown away by.  

Here is an example the page title could be:

Top 10 Bespoke Mens Gifts 2020

Give your "Super Man" the perfect gift

Make your man the Hero in his very own cartoon series, you give the details we create the magic. A 1- 4 minute cartoon animation delivered in only 3 days. 

How cool is that I’d be blown away. The benefits over dropshipping are:

  • Completely unique one of a kind gift.
  • Eco friendly it arrives via the internet as a piece of data.
  • No shipping 1000’s miles no 4 week delivery, that's if it ever arrives.

I know what you're thinking. I don't know anything about cartoon animation! And that's fine you're not creating anything! Just like dropshipping your advertising a 3rd party's services. Let's say for example the actual professional animator charges $50 for the animation. You charge $100 on your site to double your money or whatever markup you want!  Once the customer makes a purchase from your store you then pay the animator who sends it straight to your customer when it's complete “obviously minus the receipt, paperwork etc you don't want your customers knowing your profit margins” so that's drop servicing in a nutshell. 

Here are more Niche ideas that we predic will be trending this year. These would be awesome to promote on your website.

make money online 2020

Our Top Rated Animator.


I offer 3 bespoke packages
Basic package inc
This package usually fits for promos or commercials.

I will design a character and a background and animate 
up to 1 minute.  

Get the basic with two characters and two backgrounds
and save $30. Animation is also up to one minute.

I will be your animator for your short series.

I will
  • design up to 5 characters
  • design up to 10 backgrounds
  • animate 20 minutes in total
  • give you the rights and ownership for each episode.
Click for prices and special offers!

A cartoon animation makes the perfect custom gift as its such a personal item" one which I would love to receive I think it would be great fun". It's one of a kind and your delivery of the item via sales - landing page or web store adds the value. The more you bull up the product the more you can charge. You could have a sales -landing page 

Top 5 Drop Servicing Products 2020 And where to Source Them.

How about giving the gift of a custom bespoke Ebook they can be written on any subject ie Romance, horror, crime, kids, best sellers, just imagine getting a one off Ebook for your birthday it's one of a kind you get a high quality book cover and all the copyrights and who knows if it reads well you could even publish it to Amazon kindle and make a passive income from it hey it's the gift that keeps on giving! See our list of selected authors or why not take a course on Ebook creation and cut out the middle man.

Top 5 Drop Servicing Products 2020 And where to Source Them.


Custom One of a Kind Ebook

I will write you a professional Ebook on any subject.

How about giving the gift of a custom bespoke Ebook they can be written on any subject ie Romance, horror, crime, kids, best sellers, just imagine getting a one off Ebook for your birthday it's one of a kind you get a high quality book cover and all the copyrights.

Comprehensive, Informative, Relevant, Well-Researched, and High-Quality e-Book Content - That's exactly what we can provide you with this E-BOOK CONTENT Gig! 

Online marketers like you understand the power of e-Book in terms of generating leads and revenue. Are you ready to have your e-Book written? Don't hesitate to place an order now!

Our gig will allow you to get rid of the tough processes (research and writing) prior to publishing your book. Leave the job to our expert hands, and we’ll do the hard work for you.

And who knows if it reads well you could even publish it to Amazon kindle and make a passive income from it hey it's the gift that keeps on giving! 


Custom Tattoo Design + Sketch

best gift ideas for men 2020 drop servicing

I will draw you a creative tattoo design and sketch

This is a super cool Drop servicing idea its literally a gift that will last a life time!

I will draw any tattoo idea you have, i can transform your idea into almost every style, american traditional, japanese, neo-traditional, realism,  anything.

sick and tired of the classic tattoo shop designs? i will create UNIQUE designs, i guarantee there will be only one design like yours in the whole world and it's gonna be YOURS.

All of my designs are ready to be inked, i know that because i am a tattoo artist as well and i know exactly what it takes for a design to be ink-ready!


Original Pop-Indi Song 

drop servicing 2020

I will write, sing and produce an original song for you

I will write, sing and produce a song for you to use for anything you wish.

I have been writing songs for around 8 years now and I have been using music production software such as Ableton Live for 4 years.

I will write a song within the genres: Pop, Indie and Alternative.
I have worked in multiple recording studios with award winning producers.

"By far the best money I ever spend! He has even exceeding the quality of the last delivery he made for me - And that was the best money I ever spend on Fiverr already back then. Matthew is easy to work with, goes the extra mile to make you satisfied and does it within the deadline. I would defiantly buy again, like I've already done and will recommend to everyone I know. Hands down the best singer/songwriter " philipspielmann

Prices start from just £21

drop servicing 2020

Need an awesome and professional cartoon portrait

Don't look any further... I am the perfect Designer for this !

cartoon portraitsDIGITAL HAND MADE

a social network avatar Youtube channel / avatar for Facebook profile or Twitter profile / avatar for Twitch profile...), a birthday gift, a christmas present, couple's anniversary.

The prices for my cartoon drawings go like this :

  • $10 headshot cartoon portrait.
  • $25 waist up cartoon portrait.
  • $50 full body cartoon portrait.
Before placing your order..
  • Kindly provide me your best quality photo (high-res picture, clear and not blured to look more like a realistic drawing).
  • The result is going to be JPG or PNG transparent background (unless you want background drawn check Extras).
  • If you need a groupe of cartoon characters you must message me first, because the delivery time on the packages is just about drawing 1 person.

Looking forward to hearing from you and drawing your realistic cartoon portrait 🙂
Thank you !

drop servicing

I will create an original t- shirt design

I am T-shirt designer I have designed 1000 + T-shirt, I have great command over Illustrator Photoshop and CorelDraw. Experience about 3 years in Print on Demand, Merch by Amazon, eBay and Amazon tshirt designing.


My specialty: Vintage, Retro, Typographic, Illustration, Wordcloud, Seasonal, Christmas jumper, Halloween and much more

Why choose this gig?

  • Design about 1000 T-shirt for sellers on Amazon and eBay.
  • Communicate Good in English.
  • Will provide you the best quality and satisfied design at the best prices with the fastest Delivery
  • I also provide you source files(PDF, EPS, JPG, CDR, SVG,AI, PSD and PNG)
  • I also provide all necessary files that you need for printing.

Original Art work! who wouldn't love one of these? sign me up!

Is Drop Servicing the future of making money online?  5 Reasons Why it is.


#1 Scalable business model

This means whether you're just starting out, or already have an online business empire the Drop servicing business model will grow as much as you want. You can start by choosing 1 trending product or service then create an,

Awesome sales funnel landing page “a one page website whose sole purpose is to smash that product” Or build a full web store with 100” products listed.

drop servicing landing page

 #2 High profit margins

You set the price and as there are custom items you can add extra $$ for exclusivity. People will pay anything for bragging rights.

Unlike dropshipping where there are 20,000 sellers selling the exact same cheap phone case trying to make pennies of profit.  

t's so much better than other forms of online business as the products are unique 1 of 1 t-shirt or custom tattoo designs, the items are personalised & bespoke so there is no competition which makes it so much easier to advertise.

Check out my Drop Servicing ad for personal cartoon animation! this got me so much traffic.

drop servicing advert

 #3 Low startup costs

Super low startup costs compared to a standard business. With Drop servicing you don't have any stock to buy, you only make a purchase when you've been paid up front. And as there's no stock you don't need a warehouse or staff or insurance or any of those expenses! Not even postage as the supplier takes care of delivery if it's a physical product. 


 #4 Eco friendly

As most of the services or products are digital and those that are shipped are usually things like t-shirts that come from the USA or Europe, you can feel smug that your doing your bit for the environment and not shippings things miles from some mass factory in China.  


 #5 Perfect Side Hustle!

As with any online job you can work from home, garden office, train or even the beach if you have Wifi your in business! So that’s what makes this the perfect

Side Hustle “ A job you do alongside your 9-5 main job” as once your site is up and running it creates you a passive income! This means you're making money 24/7 everyday of the year even while you sleep. It's a set up and forget business which needs minimum upkeep, it's not like you have anything to post.

The key benefits of a Drop Servicing business


  • Low startup costs.
  • Creates a passive income. 
  • Can be a Side Hustle or business empire! 
  • Work from home online.


Whether you want a new career or just a side hustle for some extra holiday cash! This is an easy to implement low cost user friendly business model with room to grow. 

It's good to know that If you do decide to start a Drop servicing website you're at the very beginning the grass roots of an online movement! Now is the time to start get your brand out there get you trusted suppliers.

Hey if you love the sound of Drop Servicing but don't know where to start! Check out our list of trusted resources listed below. They are professional Gig workers, experts in their field and can be hired for tasks like sales page creation or can even build you a whole Drop Servicing webstore from scratch. 

Recommended Resources

drop servicing landing page

I will create start to end sales funnel

From the creator of one of the top sales copy gigs online, now a done-for-you sales funnel copy gig that includes Facebook ads, landing page copy, video sales letter, webinar script and follow up emails. 

Choose the package that best suits you.

I'm just releasing this gig now and to give it a head start, my packages are extremely discounted + delivery time is ultra fast. 

Ideal for affiliate sellers.

If you’re ready to sell the hell out of whatever it is you’re selling, click the order button and let me do my magic for you.

make money working from home

I will build an amazing and professional drop servicing website

Are you still looking for an awesome Dropservicing business website that can generate you thousands of dollars? 

I'm Yassine, co-founder and CEO of a tech startupHaving invested hundreds of dollars in a variety of online courses, I can assure you that Drop-Servicing is the next Big Thing. You'd better get into it before it gets popular!

The reason you need someone like me to help You is because practically nobody will provide you with free information on how to create a dropservicing website step-by-step and learning to develop a Great Dropservicing WordPress website is time-consuming. Your time is worth your life and your money. Please sit comfortably and enjoy your time while I do the work for You!

I am offering you unlimited reviews until you are Happy because You and Your business do matter to me.

Yassine knows his stuff he understands that Drop Servicing is THE NEXT BIG THING! you will get a complete money making website, plus he offers unlimited reviews so the site will be exactly what you wnat the price is great to check out his reviews. 

Wait a second !!! 

I will offer you a FREE HACK TO BOOST YOUR SALES you have never heard of before. Thanks me later 😉

I will offer you for FREE Cartflows Pro (a plugin that costs $299) to build your sales funnel + FREE

learn web design in 2020

Build A Professional Website With WordPress.com

WordPress is the perfect software for non-programmers and anyone else who wants to build a website from scratch without having to know how anything about coding. In this course you'll learn how to use the powerful WordPress.com platform to set up your website, with step-by-step instructions on how to add content including pages and blog posts;

 select and customize a beautiful theme; add widgets and plugins to further expand your site's features; connect it to your social networks; and upload media, including videos and images, to enhance the style and mood of your site. You'll also learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your site's visibility and how to use WordPress.com's analytics to generate more traffic to your site.

I wish they had this course when I was starting out. I've seen the free preview its mega informative! by the end you'll be able to build a website like mine, no problems.

By the end of the course, you'll have created and launched a full website and blog (optional, but highly recommended!).