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Best Mens Cologne 2020 Amazing Fragrances to Blast your Senses

By mhs2019

October 5, 2020

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Our Top Picks Mens Cologne 2020

For me choosing a new cologne is more than just a shopping trip it's a mystical experience! I love the shapes and styles of the fragrance bottles, some are works of art that I would buy without even smelling the contents. I proudly arrange every bottle of cologne I've ever bought on my bathroom shelve "shrine" much to my wife's dismay as her perfumes are simply thrown into a bedside drawer.

And yes you do need a cologne for every occasion! This is an argument I've had many times before with guys who think aftershave is a one scent suits any occasion well it's no you change your clothes everyday don't you?. We want light and floral during the day and rich and musky on an evening “obviously”

What's the difference between Aftershave, Cologne & Eau De Toilette.  

Well, there all the same thing aren't they? Not entirely its all to do with the amount of perfume oil they contain which determines how long the scent lasts for on the skin the higher the fragrance oil content the longer they linger.


1-3% oil concentrate usually contains aloe vera to soothe razor burn, the fragrance lasts 1-2 hours.


2-5% fragrance usally lasts between 2-4 hours. Tends to be more floral day time scents.

Eau de Toilette:

5-15% fragrance highest concentrate and lasts anything upto 6 hours.



Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Most Popular Mens Cologne.

The scent of victory, the essence of heros. A daring smash-up of freshness and heat. Marine and grapefruit flirt with the warm breath of gaïac wood and ambergris. Ecstatically addictive, a powerful stimulant. In it to win.

Best for: Everyday use.

Do you want to get noticed for the right reasons? Then you need this scent it gets me action every time.


most popular mens cologne 2021



Oud Maknoon: Artisan Swiss Arabian

New Mens Cologne 2021.

INTENSE: oudh fragrance that dries down to Agarwood, Amber and Musk (Intenso). Mouthwatering rosy and spicy elements for a noir extreme experience. No pheromones needed to attract your mate!

Oud Maknoon is an intense floral, ambery oud unisex fragrance with an element of spice that makes it, and you, memorable. It brings a new level of luxury to those who recognise the exceptional and seek to bask in its layers of precious golden oud.

Best for: Evenings and special events.

best mens cologne 2021




Best Newbie Mens Cologne.

Don't follow the pack! Be your own man in 2021. That's why Ronan by Rugger & Drapper wins our Best Newbie Men's Cologne Award 2021. 

Understated: While other fragrances announce themselves the moment you enter the room, RONAN is an refined, subtle scent that is sure to intrigue and attract.

Best for: Everyday use.

best mens Cologne 2021



Usher By Usher

Party everyday like Usher! Or at least smell like him.

Made with mouth watering scents melon & pineapple, mid notes of lavender, pepper & violet leaf, finish of vetiver, amber, suede, sandalwood, musk & guaiac wood Wow sounds good enough to eat. We love the great quality bottle + lid looks great on the dresser.

Best For: Rap Gods everyday use.

best mens cologne



1 Million by Paco Rabanne for Men

My Favourite Mens Cologne Of All Time.

I call this one the show stopper when you get up close and personal people know what your packing! The bottle is top class you can feel the wealth. 

"A supremely facetted and harmonious fragrance with a high impact signature. A flamboyant, fresh, spicy leather, and audacious fragrance.Details provided by Paco Rabanne"

Need I say more?

Best for: Day trips to Monaco.

new mens cologne 2021



Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne 

Smooth as Silk.

A powerful scent blend of distiller’s spice, fine bourbon and white oak its like youve just stepped out of a barbers shop. Smell the man that women want!

Best for: Pulling power.

best mens cologne 2021

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18.21 Man Made Men’s Cologne, Tobacco Vanilla Fragrance

Classic Americana Bottled.

A MASCULINE AROMA: Our signature 30 oil blend will leave a lasting impression with classic aromatics. Citrus, spicy saffron, and dried fruits reveal hints of tonka bean, honey, and vanilla that sweeten undertones of tobacco, exotic woods and musk.

Best for: Everyday use for real men.

Whatever it is you currently wear, toss it in the garbage and purchase this nectar of the gods! I swear this is some of the best cologne I have used! I can’t keep smelling myself.

justin w

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The Dreamer by Versace

Every Man Needs One Piece of Versace.

Dreamer, is an innovative clear and smooth blend between wild and aromatic plants including juniper, mugwort, and tarragon. An essential beginning allowing an almost immediate glimpse of the richness, refinement, highest quality of reach.

"That description says it all this is a Quality Men's Cologne, using only the finest quality ingredients. The bottle is a touch of class that makes a statement in any bedroom".

Best For: A night of romance.

best mens cologne 2021



Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 Crocodile

Best Exotic Cologne For Men.

This cologne brings intrigue, mystery, power and energy of the male. Scents of bergamot, lemon, mandarin orange, grapefruit, pink pepper, coriander, elemi, ozonic notes and apple this is the Boss. 

Best for: Men with Lamborghinis.

best mens cologne 2021



Kenneth Cole Vintage Black

New York Bottled.

Vintage Black is a fragrance for a self-confident man - a metropolis. It is a combination of fresh notes of green lime, dewy greenery, pink grapefruit, white pepper, lavender, dry oak wood, sandalwood and tequila accords.

Best for: New York lifestyle.

I've been using Vintage Black for several years now. A few sprays in the morning lasts all day, plus the bottle lasts ages.


best mens cologne 2021

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