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Life-Changing Side Hustle Ideas 2021 You Can Start Today

By mhs2019

October 30, 2020

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So whats a Side Hustle and why do I need one?

A side hustle gives you a second income. It's a job you do after or before your regular working hours.
Say you work in an office 9-5 you might sell items on eBay or review books after work for money. These are ways of making money on top of your wage think of it as a bonus or pay rise.
Why do you need a side hustle that's easy its because you need more money! and these days who doesn't life is expensive and the cost of living is only going one way, and that's up.

2020 Update:

Wow, when I wrote this post two years ago I thought it was the ultimate guide to Side Hustle Ideas! And it is it's just 2020 happened & everything changed. So now what started as a side hustle could possibly become your full-time job. If you've been a victim of the Pandemic and lost your job or had your hours cut, hopefully, something in this guide will appeal to you and help you financially through these tough times.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, so we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Check our disclosure for more info.

How To Pick Your Perfect Side Hustle.

Knowledge & passion

Since your going to be spending your free leisure time on your side hustle it's going to have to be something you enjoy.

Don't become a dog groomer if your allergic to dogs! choose something you love doing or you'll end up hating it and quit.


the main reasons side hustle fail is that 9-5 people feel there being robbed of the precious socialising time. It true but its BS I've always been self-employed so 16-18 hour days don't faze me.

And anyway, all people do after work is waste time and money on social media or watching Netflix or shopping! get your side hustle on its far more rewarding.

Online or Offline

Easily narrow down your hustle search by deciding if you want to work from home on a laptop online eBay, Graphic designing etc or do you prefer to be out and about Uber driving, dog walking, teaching only you can decide.

Become An Expert.

Learn every minute detail of the job is it seasonal, what can you charge what does your competition charge, do you need insurance etc?

Passive Income Side Hustles.

You will notice that next to certain side hustle ideas it says Passive Income this means that the hustle makes money 24/7 not just when your busy working on it.

Here's an example of passive income: Renting out a property the tenant pays you money every month your not working at the house but you keep getting paid.

Example 2: You publish a best selling book on the Amazon Kindle store and people from all over the world buy the book 24/7. So that money keeps rolling in whether you're in bed on holiday or taking a crap once you've written the book your job is more or less done.

Standard income is cutting hair for $20 an hour you only get paid for the hours you work ie 9-5 when you put those scissors down the money stops.

So that's passive income and that's what you need to be a rich! Millionaire entrepreneurs usually have 3 or 4 passive income streams inc property rentals, stocks and shares and maybe some online business. You will never get rich working 9-5.

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Online Side Hustle Ideas 2021.

With the current world situation, a Work From Home Online Side Hustle might be your best bet as their lockdown proof!




Obviously! The original and still the best side hustle. It's so easy! all you need is a smartphone and the free eBay app. You can make $100s even $1000s just from the contents of your house items you no longer use, I bet from where you sat now you can see $200 worth of items to sell? Just do it. 

eBay is our go-to online family side hustle if we need cash fast for whatever reason we do a "purge" basically go from room to room look in every draw under beds, sofas everywhere if we can sell it we do!

The great thing about eBay is it connects you to a world wide audience.



Facebook Market Place.

Facebook offer a local sales page called facebook market place which is more area-specific than eBay. Say you live in York you would search for “Iphones for sale in york” then this would find you a list of those items within a pre-determined range of your location say 5-50 miles or as far as your willing to travel.

One major benefit of FB market places is that it’s free to list items whereas on eBay selling fees can mount up. The same eBay selling tips apply i.e take good pictures more is better and write a detailed description make sure you answer any questions promptly.

You can also try selling on Gumtree its a free to advertise local sales page of anything and everything.

side hustle ideas 2021



 Rent out your items on Fat Llama "Passive Income"

House full of stuff you don't use but can't face selling it! rent it out on Fatllama for real money. You can earn up to £8000 per month renting out your stuff when it's not in use. 

Think about it how often are you using your lawnmower of power tools a month maybe a couple of hours maybe less, so 99% of the time there just sat in the shed when you could be pimping them out.

Drones, camera equipment and electric bikes seem to fetch a good price per day. 

This is passive income at its best. Check out the Fatllama leader board its shows you the highest earners for the last 30 days some people are earning a full-time wage.

Sign up is free and theres a $20 bonus friends referral scheme. download the App Android, IOS.

best side hustle ideas 2021



Respondent: Get Paid Real Money $140 Per Hour To Take Surveys. 

This is the definitive make money online work from home side hustle.

Get paid up to £140 per hour for online research studies that are tailored to your strengths. Simply Sign up for free or connect via your LinkedIn or Facebook profile then Respondent can verify your data.

You will then be matched to awesome research studies you can choose to participate in, at a time to suit you. Payment is automatic real money via PayPal.

side hustle ideas 2021



Mazuma Mobile Cash in a Hurry!

Mazuma is the fastest way to sell unwanted "any brand" mobile phones, ipads and smartwatches. 

It's simple 5 minutes free sign up process then all you have to do is pick your device from this list or enter your IMEI number on the back of the device for an instant valuation. 

If you're happy to proceed you will be sent a free DPD bag in which to place your item, there's no charge for postage and payment will be made the day Mazuma receive the item. Simple.

Always shop around to get best price for your items. We reviewed the top tech buying companies in the UK to see who offers the best price for your items.



Dropshipping 2021 Explained. "Passive Income"

Dropshipping is the perfect beginners online business model as the start-up costs are minimal and the profits are hight.

The main benefit of dropshipping over a conventional online store is its space and time-saving. If you had a website with 1000's items selling men's clothing for example you would need a huge warehouse to store it all which is expensive to run and insure. 

With dropshipping your advertising other peoples products, only when you've made the sale and been paid do you pay your supplier who then ships the item to your cutsomer!

We have made you a step by step guide to teach you every aspect of dropshipping, from finding the best suppliers to choosing the best selling products. Everything you will need to get started in this awesome business. 

drop shipping infographic
drop shipping infographic



Drop Servicing the Future of Online Trade. "Passive Income"

Drop Servicing is the next evolution of e-commerce! Instead of selling physical products directly from China like Drop Shipping, Drop Servicing is selling services.

ie you create a website that designs "Logo's, Business Cards or T-shirt Graphics" once you made a sale say a Logo for $100 you then get a 3rd party designer to create you a Logo for $40 which you email to your client & you've just earned a cool $60 for very little effort.

If this sounds like your kind of business Read our Complete Guide to Drop Servicing.

beginners guide to drop servicing



Open an Etsy Store.

Etsy is the Amazon of handmade crafts theres nothing mass produced here if you want a unique gift Etsy is the place to go. If you have an arty side and can produce a quality product worth selling then theres no better market place than Etsy.

The most popular categories are Vintage jewellery, custom made items i.e dog collars, unique printable posters. Etsy is free to join so start today.

side hustle ideas 2021 Etsy store



Sell Your Skills On FIVERR.

Fiverr helped launch the whole Gig Economy revolution its the Ebay of skills but instead of selling your items your selling what you do best! be it graphic logo design, web design, eBook writing, audio books, t-shirt design, video game & apps nearly anything you can imagine is on Fiverr.

Update new Fiverr Categories inc.

  • Video game coaching
  • Personal shopper
  • Personal trainer "online"
  • Cooking lessons
  • Relationship coaching

I literally couldn't run my business with out Fiverr, sure I could learn how to do each and every element of web & business developmentmy self but it would take a lifetime! so I pay experts a small fee to sort it for me. 

FIVERR: $500,000 Case Study.

side hustle ideas 2021 Fiverr

The example below is a guy who will create you x2 minimalist logo designs for a standard package charge of $45 "that's the most popular choice" and he's completed 12550 tasks with 4.9 stars so he is top in his class.

If we do the maths he's earned an amazing $564,750 yes that is over half a million GDP not bad for a side hustle. He's even got 170 orders in the queue so thats another $7560.

Read our Complete Guide To Making Money On FIVERR.



Get Paid to Answer Questions.

This is the go to site for professionals to earn an extra £1000+ per month online from home at a time to suit. JustAnswer is a trusted site its been around for years and you get paid to help people with your knowledge and expertise. there’s over 175+ categories to choose from such as Animal behaviour, Veterinary, Law, Finance, Money, Science, Computing, Boats.

Referral Bonus $50

If you know someone who could answer questions, sign them up and you will receive a £50 Amazon gift card plus its unlimited referrals so get your contact list out.



Write an ebook "Passive" 

They say everyone has at least one good book inside them! Now getting your words of wisdom published has never been easier, with eBook creation software like Designrr you can easily convert youtube videos, PodCasts, WordPress posts and even Google docs into publishable ebooks within minutes! Designrr software is available for a Limited Time Only Special Offer Price of just $29 including 100s of professional templates and cover graphics.

What makes eBooks the perfect Side Hustle is that its a true passive income, if your book sells you will make money 365 days a year 24/7.

Also the earning potential is unlimited think Harry Potter, 50 Shades. Write a best selling book and your set for life.

Business Hack!

Hey here's a little secret you should know if you want an ebook but don't know where to start or suck at writing you can get a professional author/ writer to create you a best selling book for a small cost. You choose the genre anything from Thrillers-Biographies-Non-fiction-Christian books-Memoirs-Young Adult fiction -Romance-Children's books -Mystery-Fantasy -Science Fiction! So then all you have to do is upload your finished book to the Amazon Kindle Store sit back and watch all that sweet Passive Income come rolling in!



Create an Audiobook "Passive"

This is great alternative to writing an ebook, audio is the future and we predicted this format will sky rocket in popularity. Audio books were made for the Alexa Generation.

Alexa read me an audio book! you can listen to them in your car or on a plane plus there great for kids “ gets them off the mobile device” also there’s a whole market for the elderly and visually impaired. Its easy to upload and sell your Audiobooks on Audible and iTunes.

We publish Audiobooks on a site called ACX its easy to use and guides you through the whole process. Don’t worry if you don’t have a great voice there’s a huge selection of actors voices to choose fiverr some a small fee.



Sell your Pic's Online "passive"

We love this option as its doable to 99% of people that own a phone + camera, its always in your pocket so snapping that perfect shot is super easy. You simply upload your photos to an online portfolio site we use SmugMug but also try highly rated ShutterStock. 

SmugMug allows you to upload unlimited photos, then guides you through the process of choosing a template to showcase your work in a clean modern gallery. If someone likes one of your pics they can them buy them from you its a great passive income with a world wide audience. 



Invest in Property and Earn Upto 12% interest "passive"

Property investment is one of the oldest and safest forms of "Passive Income" and is in the portfolio of nearly every successful millionaire entrepreneur. With the online age investing in property has never been easier or more affordable with companies like Sourced Capital you can invest in the UK housing market for as little as $250 with returns of around 12%.

property investment side hustle ideas



Making Money on Pinterest "passive"

Making money on Pinterest is a super lucrative side hustle you plus you don't even need a website to make money. We love the fact that its an untapped market! many gurus are saying Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are saturated but we believe 2020 is going to be the age of Pinterest. Our first men's fashion blog grew to 800,000 unique visitors per month in the first 3 months of pinning. Let me show you how we did it read our Ultimate Guide to Making Money on Pinterest Fast.



Affiliate Marketing: Million Dollar Side Hustle "Passive"

Affiliate marketing is the worlds, secret money maker. Think of any media news site take the HuffPost for example. They give you the news review different products etc all this free information. But have you ever wondered what they get out of it? well, it's those highlighted blue/orange words the site gets a little commission every time a link is clicked on.

Commissions vary depending on what's being sold it can be anything from a few pence to 1000's pounds. And the best bit is your not selling anything your simply redirecting the buyer to Amazon/Aliexpress/Fiverr etc where a cookie is stored for 24 hours to 12 months and anything that's purchased in that time frame nets you a 5-50% commission on the value of the item.

What makes affiliate marketing so appealing is the low start-up costs and the huge profits!

side hustle ideas



Instagram influencer "Yes it is a job!!" "Passive"  

f you love striking a pose and have a large growing instagram following you can make money advertising other peoples or your own unique products. Basically a brand would hire you to upload a photo of yourself looking awesome, wearing their T-shirt or carrying their designer hand bag. 

A recent survey showed 83% of Instagram users have purchased a product or service via a Influencer recommendation people trust and have an affinity with people they follow. Its the cult of celebrity.

Check out Dennis Yu's: YOU are the Brand Instagram Influencer Course & Cash In Today!

instagram side hustle



Youtube blogger "passive"

This side hustle idea defies logic but has made soooo many millionaires who am I to comment. It's making a video log/blog of your everyday adventures that’s it. There’s a kid called Ryan who has a youtube channel called Ryans Toy Review. Ryan plays with his mum and dad for 20 minutes a day that’s the video he’s made millions of dollars just acting naturally.

You can also make educational videos. If you have a specific skill set you can make step by step guides on any subject example, how to get big biceps in 2 weeks or how to potty train your toddler etc the

possibilities are endless as your imagination.

Learn How to Create Killer YouTube Content 

youtube blogger side hustle



Create your own T-shirt brand "Passive"

How cool would it be to say you own a T-shirt brand and to many, it's just a dream unless you have millions of dollars to spend building a fashion empire.

Now that dream is a reality thanks to the likes of Printify an online printing service that lets you upload your designs and place them on over 250 different items inc Huddies, Mugs, Bags, Stickers many more. 

The beauty of Printify is that you don't need any money or stock to start with. Printify auto connects to the most popular eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix. When you sell an item Printify handles the sale and delivers the item. This is "passive income" side hustle idea which means  you will make money 24/7 selling your designs with minimum effort. Join Printify Free Today

Business Hack.

Don't worry if you ain't got no design skills! I will create you A Custom, Unique Illustration t-shirt Design.



Mobile App design "Passive"

Mobile apps are the future platform of the youth and as apple famously said "there's an app for that" use your imagination and create the next blockbuster game or create a social app, health or informational app. You can create your app on sites like then all you have to do is monazite sit back and count all that passive income boom.



Sales funnel / Landing Page "Passive"

A sales funnel or a landing page "both the same thing" you might have heard of click funnels also the same thing! It's a magical highly converting 1-page website that draws you in with catchy headings, videos, testimonials, star ratings and they usually end with a count down timer just to increase the tension "its a once in a lifetime offer ending soon kind of thing" Then you buy this item that you can't live without but don't really need, get the idea?

We've all fallen for these flashy sales pages, right? that's because they work so well. An awesome sales page can easily sell a million crappy items! Take Our Master Class In Creating Highly Converting Landing Pages.

landing page side hustle



learn Photoshop. Future Proof Career.

In a world of constant selfies, the only thing that makes an influencer stand out from the crowd is how well they've been "Photoshopped" We predict anyone with Photoshop experience has a future proof online career with a massive potential market of not just of influencers but any online products inc real estate.

Earning potential is massive! We've used guys who charge $140 per hour.

Learn Photography Retouching In Adobe Photoshop.

learn photoshop side hustle



Create and Monetize a Podcast.

Podcasts are taking over the world Joe Rogan just earned $100 million by talking to his pals. Done right this really is the next BIG THING. If your happy to chat and have some interesting topic ideas this might be the perfect side hustle for you. You Monetize you Podcasts by doing sponsored shoutouts ie: saying how cool your new BMW / Lambo is if you've got a big enough audience the sky's the limit.

podcast side hustle



Start A Blog! "Passive"

There's a good reason that in 2021 the number of Blogs stands at a whopping 500 million! The reason is that done right they're a great source of passive income Blogs like Techcrunch & mashable earn over $1+ million per month "not bad". Blogs make money in various ways the easiest being Google ads these are the custom-tailored ads "the ones that seem to know what your thinking" that pop up from the bottom of the screen or scattered through the article. To make money with these ads all you need is a trending topic and a BIG traffic stream you can create a Blog about kittens that gets 100,000 views per day and every click on the Ads will earn you between $0.20 & $15 per click depending on your niche.

The second way is via affiliate links. If you have a Blog that reviews headphones, after each review you can have a "Buy it now" button that when clicked takes the user to a 3rd party side lets say Amazon if the user then buys the headphones for $100 you earn an affiliate commission of 10% so that sale earns you $10. These rates are for demonstration purposes affiliate rates vary.

Learn Blog Content Marketing Fundamentals

side hustles 2021



SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

2020 is the internet year with a quantum leap in people working and shopping online! But there's no point in having a website that ranks on page 1200 on Google no ones going to see it won't get you any business so it might as well not exist. That's why we need Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

An SEO specialist has a set of skills that helps your website rank higher on Google searches via things like link building and keyword research. Every website in 2021 will be fighting a life or death battle to be on page 1 of Google creating a massive demand for SEO specialists meaning this really is a future proof career. Plus you can virtually name your own price for this service SEO expert Neil Patel is rumoured to earn $5000 per phone call!

Ultimate Guide Learn how to Become an SEO Sepecialist.

seo side hustle idea 2021



Stock Trading.

Day trading stocks and shares have been one of my most lucrative and exiting side hustle ventures. Setting up x3 monitors then waiting in anticipation for the markets to open hoping your intensive market research will pay off! Then seeing the Stock you've just bought fly through the ceiling pressing the sell button and earning $1300 in the first 3 minutes of trade.

Trading is an absolute roller coaster of a business to be in, it will test your metal you will win big and lose big "90% of traders lose money that's just the way it is if it was easy we would all be rich"! Do your research read my book recommendations on the subject a lot of trading platforms have demo modes so you can get a feel for trading without loosing and money which is a good start.

The Books that taught me to Trade.

stock trading side hustle 2021

Offline Side Hustle Ideas 2021



Make Money With Your Car. "Passive"

This was passive income we’d been dreaming of it ticked every box for our family. 

Turo and Hiyacar made all this possible with its car-share marketplace “its the Airbnb of car renting” Imagin if you could have free motoring I mean your finance, tax, insurance, mot is all paid for by simply renting out your car when it's not in use sound good? Turo scores an excellent 4 out 5 stars with Trustpilot with over 5,000 reviews.

Different vehicles demand higher or lower prices depending on how exotic or rare your car is. Check out earnings per day of a few models to see how prices vary.

  • Range Rover Sport 2018 $138
  • Tesla Model x $170
  • Telsla Model 3 $92
  • Ford Fiesta $20

Turo is free to join, so join today!


I choose Hiyacar as liked their monthly earnings predictor simply type in your car type and location and see what you can make in a month. 

I also fitted Hiyacars quickstart technology which lets clients enter the car without the keys so no need for the meet and greet. Sign up now for free and get your £30 bonus



Use you car as an advert "Passive"

Earn real money £150 per month using your car as an advert. The two main UK companies are Carquids and Advertuu signing up is super easy just a quick 5-minute online form or via the app. Add your location plus driving habits to get matched up with advertisers. Next, your car gets wrapped with a cool branded ad by a specialist company.

My Advertuu earnings cover 90% of my monthly car lease so effectively it's free motoring. 

By using my car as an advert I was able to take on a higher monthly payment option and get a more expensive car. Another bonus is that the wrap protects your car paintwork from chips and scratches plus its a talking point.

Simply clock up the miles too get paid monthly into your direct bank account. Real passive income. 

side hustle ideas 2021
side hustle ideas 2021



Valet Cars.

Bucket check soap check, sponge check, hot pants and bikini check good to go. Get all of a lather with the original side hustle set up on the side of the street or place ads online and offer a mobile valet service its fast cash if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. If you do a good job word of mouth will spread and you’ll be as busy as can be.



Rent Out Your Drive. "Passive"

This is a super easy side hustle idea if you've got a free drive put an advert online or in your local paper you can charge what you like and it's free. Alternatively, sign up for Justpark and they will match you up with over 3 million UK users looking to park sign up is free and takes 2 minutes.



Drive for Lyft or Uber.

If you enjoy driving then this could be your dream side hustle. Uber & Lyft are disrupting the way people's transport its a rideshare revolution.
You will be your boss and free to work as much or as little as you like before or after work 24/7 the earnings are unlimited. Sign up is free for Lyft and takes just 4 minutes. Uber is also free to join.



Deliver for Deliveroo!

If you enjoy your freedom and flexible working hours, have a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle you're ready to rock as a Deliverroo takeaway food delivery driver. 

You can earn up to £120 per day and you keep 100% of your tips.
You would self-employed work when suit plus the Deliveroo app makes planning your day a breeze.

There's an awesome referral scheme that earns you up-to £250 per person you refer! 

Sign up is free so sign today!



Parcel Delivery Driver

Earn from £10 - £20 per hour delivering parcels for Hermes, Next etc. If you've got a pleasant attitude and enjoy driving this is a great job. Google search delivery driver jobs in your area there's always tons about.



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