33 Best Faux hawk Fade Mens Hairstyles 2019 “updated” Gallery

The Faux Hawk Fade Pronounced “Fow Hawk” is a modern Trendy version of the 80s punk rocker mowhawk, but much softer with more messyness and texture then old school hight towards the middle. As we can see in the image comparison ?below.

mowhawk vs fauxhawk

who suits a Faux Hawk ?

Well seen as tho most men in the last 20 years have a had a variation on this  hairstyle i’d say it suits most men. Works great on thick hair when the barber can really chop into the hair and create and awesome texture that you can run some wax stick through and create the spikes.

fauxhawk mens hairstyle 2019

The Faux Hawk + Fade looks Awesome. Check out the Fade Gallery

It works equally as well on thinner hair as the texture and volume of the style can hide any visible scalp to thicken up thin hair use a Matte finish clay product. As a wax stick makes thin hair look like a greasy mess !!

When we add the Faded sides into the mix thats when we get the modern hawk that we see today it brings the whole hairstyle to life + creates a more interesting cut than the old short back and sides mens haircut.

Faux Hawk Fade 2019 Tip:

This hair cut is awesome if you have trouble with a crown that sticks up and just wont play ball “spike the whole lot up with Tigi Wax Stick problem solved !!

we can also add extras to the fauxhawk 

Whats All The Fuss About A Fade ?

mens haircuts 2019
Created By Ryancullen

Mens Haircuts 2019 are dominated by the fade, you?ll here it time and time again through out this website and for good reason. Look at the before and after pictures above. When we add a drop skin fade, line out the beard and add clipper designs the difference is night and day ! its bang on trend.

Faux Hawk Drop Fade 2019

Faux Hawk Fade 2019
Created By ryancullenhair

Creative mens hair color subtle highlights give this funky faux hawk texture + definition. Ask your salon about highlight color services. 

Side View Skin Drop Fade + Clipper Design

mens haircuts 2019
Created By ryancullenhair?

New dimension on the Faux Hawk Fade 2019 + cool clipper design line.

Spikes Faux Hawk + Clipper Design

mens haircuts 2019
Created By tombaxter_hair

Styling Hack: Creating a textured defined hair style can be a challenge if your not using the correct product for your hair type and thickness. So to achive the above style on medium to thick hair we suggest using.

Tigi Matte Wax Warm a dime sized amount of the product up in your palms then run it from the front up & back pulling pieces up to created texture. Or check out our styling the Faux Hawk Video on this link below.

Tight Skin Fade Quiff Faux Hawk 2019

mens haircuts 2019
Created By raduvitca

Extra Rainbow Faux Hawk Fade 2019

mens haircuts 2019
Created By tombaxter_hair

Styling Hack: Easily add brigh colors to your hair without the use of permeant dyes by using Mofajang Hair Color Wax run a small amount through your hair the more you apply the brighter the result part on ! X6 Colors available.

Drop Fade Textured Quiff Faux Hawk

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By sambentham2

Styling Hack: To create a matte non shine, textured, defined Faux Hawk hairstyle warm a small amount of Smooth Viking Styling Clay between your palms then finger it through your ?Dry hair? root to tip. For an all day hold.

Faux Hawk Skin Fade + Clipper Design

Classic faux Hawk fade updated for 2019 by Clipper Design line and tidy beard.

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Mens Hair Color Funky Faux Hawk

Wow this is awesome mens hair color  Red, Purple, Blue Funky Faux Hawk spikes + Fade + Clipper Scratch line

TIP: Recreate the look at home with Mofajang Colored Hair Wax comes in Red, Purple, Blue, Silver Grey, Gold, Green Colors. Simply apply a small amount of coloured wax to your hair as you would your normal styling wax wait for it to dry and you’ll have awesome coloured hair !

Blond Faux Hawk Fade

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By myleslewisbarber

We love this image the blond highlights mens hair color make this faux hawk super FLY giving texture + definition.

Thick Hair Hawk + Fade + Clipper Design

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By m13ky

This is a perfect example of the faux hawk fade 2019 in action we got awesome clipper design line adding interest to the sides

TIP: To get volume and spikes on your hawk blast up and back with your hair dryer till dry. Then style from root to tip sraight up with a pair of micro flat irons then add a small amount of wax, clay, spray for hold. 

Textured Drop Fade Faux Hawk

Super cool thick hair type textured faux hawk drop fade

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By gonzalez_peluquero

Low Skin Fade Rainbow Faux Hawk

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By squnclesam

Awesome Fly Rainbow faux hawk low skin fade mens hair color trend. This color full hawk will make you stand out from the crowd.

High Skin Fade + Spikes + Bushy Beard Styles

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By  clubsambarbers

Fresh High Skin Fade looks great with spikes faux hawk in contrast to lined out big lumber jack beard style.

TIP: Keep That Stubble Out Of Trouble your beard will be silky smooth with BOSSMAN Beard Oil. This Gold scented oil Eliminates beard itch is none greasy, promotes beard growth + strength. Made In USA, all natural ingrediants

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Highlighs Hawk Mens Short Haircut

fauxhawk fade 2019

Highlighst add a nice texture + definition  the the hawk haircut.

Skin Fade + Clipper Designs

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By babu.barbe

This Funky Faux hawk Skin Fade smashes it with Awesome Clipper Design Tattoo lines. Bang on trend A work of art.

Silver, Platinum, Grey Mens Hair Color 2019

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By iisakkinumm

Super stylish bang on trend mens hair color for 2019 silver, platinum, grey makes this mens faux hawk stand out from the crowd with a futuristic look.

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Great Short Faux Hawk Crop

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By callum.ghost

Low maintenance easy styling mens haircut.

Lined Out Mid Fade Haircut

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By rundeemcc

Classic faux hawk mid fade great texture.

TIP: Keep your fades salon fresh + Beard Trim with this Awesome futuristic designed Remington Pro Shortcut Clipper ergonomically designed for super easy home styling. Comes complete with 9 combs to cut hair to any length. Once charged we have 40 mins cutting time or plugin for unlimited cutting easy clean blades.

Spikes Hawk + Clipper Design + Beard Styles

latino mens haircuts
Created By Hagopart

Drop Fade Blond Spikes Hawk 

fauxhawk fade 2019

Blond Mens Hair color brings this haircut to life adding great texture.

Short hawk Skin Fade + Lined Out Beard Style

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By deivis.william

TIP: Keep that Stubble out of Trouble with the philips OneBlade Hybrid Multi function Rechargeable beard trimmer + Wet Shaver comes with x3 grade/combs for fade styles + Edging blade 

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Messy Faux Hawk + Side Length

fauxhawk fade 2019

Proving you dont a Fade to fit in this faux hawk with neat longer sides rocks it.

Trendy Faux Hawk Quiff + Clipper Design

latino mens haircuts
Created By virgiltb

Uber cool longer faux Hawk quiff looks super fresh with fade + Clipper Design line + tidy facial hair.

Thick Hair Fauxhawk Drop Fade

latino mens haircuts

Great mens hairstyle for thick hait types works really well with drop fade great contrast to lumber jack beard styles.

Style Hack: Keep that stubble out of trouble with awesome BOSSMAN Beard Oil. Stops beard itch ! Promotes thicker fuller Beard growth, all natural ingrediants. Treat your face.

Drop Fade Spikes Hawk

mens fade haircuts 2108
Created By Hagopart

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Mid Fade Spikes + Clipper Design

mens fauxhawk hairstyles 2019

Super stylish mid fade faux hawk with horizontal clipper design + neat Beard fade.

Platinum Blond Hawk + Fade

mens hair color trends 2019
Created By Raduvitca

 Platinum blond color adds Awesome texture to the hawk. Great way to add body to thin hair. Check out our Mens Hair Color Trends Gallery

Textured Low Bald Fade + Short Beard Style

mens hairstyles 2019
Created By ryancullenhair

Nice cut neat low fade round the edges. Looks great with short neat beard.

Wavey On Top

mens fauxhawk hairstyle 2019
Created By brideyjo

Cool Wavey crop faux hawk + Mid Bald Fade & Awesome Curved Tapered Clipper Design work of Art !

Rocked Out Rainbow Faux Hawk X2 Fade

This Hairstyle is Awesome stright from the genius mind of the Titan Barber we’ve got Double Fade Nape Clipper Design and Rainbow Fauxhawk Spikes on top. Only the Brave, choose your barber wisely.

High Bald Fade Perfect Hawk Cut

mens fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By KLB_CO

This is a perfectly executed High Bald Fade + natural blond highlights Texture on top is Excellent.

High Volume Mid Fade

mens fauxhawk fade hairstyle 2019
Created By iisakkinummi

TIP: Create Volume by using Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer to blast hair back and up with your fingers. Then on dry hair rub Tigi Matte Clay through from root to tip for a dry look flexible hold.

Asian Thicker Hair Type Faux Hawk Fade

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By M.dson_Barber

The thicker Asian hair works great with this faux hawk mens haircut as its full of natural volume.

Bald Fade Quiff Hawk

mens fauxhawk fade hairstyle 2019
Created By virgiltb

Great hairstyle for receding hair lines add volume and density by styling with Da’Dude Da’Salt thickening spray and Tigi matte clay + Clean lined out Beard.

High Fade + Short Textured Crop

mens fauxhawk fade hairstyle 2019
Created By r.braid

Great mens hairstyle 2019 low maintenance short crop + High Fade + lined out Beard.

TIP: Create texture through the top by rubbing Tigi Wax Stick round in circular motion. For a flexible none sticky hold.

Low Fade Full Thick Hair Type Hawk

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By jeffthebarber

Drop Fade Natural Hawk

Great Drop Fade which means the fade curves round the ear to the nape. with neat Beard and natural look on top.

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Temple Fade Faux Hawk + Clipper Design

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Low Fade Faux Hawk + Clipper Design

mens fauxhawk fade hairstyle 2019
Created By Domcutit

TIP: Create the texture on top by rubbing a pea sized amount of Tigi Matte Wax in your palms till warm then spread through the hair root to tip for style that will last all day.

Funky Hawk Spikes + Clipper Designs 

mens fauxhawk fade hairstyle 2019
Created By r.braid

This is a real show stopper created by a master barber, We’ve got spikes texture and awesome clipper designs.

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Spikes Faux Hawk + Aggressive Sides

This is the King of Fauxhawks its super aggressive ultra high fade its gonna get you noticed.

Platinum Spikes + Drop Fade

mens fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By bosnea_barber

This is ICE hot brought to life by the platinum blond its another level great color + Tidy beard.

TIP: Recreate the look at home with Mofajang Colored Hair Wax comes in Red, Purple, Blue, Silver Grey, Gold, Green Colors. Simply apply a small amount of coloured wax to your hair as you would your normal styling wax wait for it to dry and you’ll have awesome coloured hair !

Drop Fade Faux Hawk + Blond Tips + Clipper Designs

This is a faux hawk drop fade with all the extras blond tips add massive texture awesome x2 clipper scratch designs go into the beard real nice.

Textured High Fade Hawk

High Buzz Faux Hawk + Lined Out Beard

latino mens haircuts

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fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By andycioabla

TIP: Need something a little stronger to keep that fauxhawk funky all day long try Da’Dude Super Strong Hold Wax aint nothing gonna last longer Matte Finish flexible hold not stiff or sticky. Theres only a limited number of tubs made per year by a small family bussines in Sweden. Click on image for best prices

Faux Hawk + Highlights + Tattoos

mens hairstyles 2019

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Grey Textured Hawk + High Fade

This super textured Hawk looks awesome in grey just shows you can still look great over 40 !

TIP: Easily recreate this hair color at home with out the need to bleach. By using Mofajang Grey, Silver, Platinum hair wax. Simply apply the wax to dry hair as normal mold into shape and when its dryed you’ll have cool silver hair great for party nights.

Fauxhawk fade 2019

Bang On Trend Silver, Platinum, Grey Spikes

latino mens haircuts
Created By capo_thebarber

Bang on trend mens hair color silver, grey, platinum.

Long Faux Hawk + Drop Fade

fauxhawk fade 2019

The longer length of this hawk is taking it to the extream but will get you noticed. If your have the time and skills on a morning to create it.

Purple Hawk Fade + Blunt Fringe Detail

fauxhawk fade 2019

 Funky Purple mens hair color hawk.

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Drop Fade + Fade Beard Style 

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By sergthebarber1

Drop Fade + Blond Color Slice + Clipper Design

This is a cool custom faux hawk with blond slice through the quiff and clipper design drop fade.

Drop Fade + Cool Unique Clipper Design

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By virgiltb

Faux hawk + all the extras great unique clipper design drop fade.

TIP: Keep Your Clipper Designs salon fresh with this awesome razor pen comes with x10 blades simply run lightly over your barbers design.

Defined Spikes Faux Hawk Skin Fade

Rad Defined Spikes Faux hawk Skin Fade

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Low Drop Fade Textured Spikes

fauxhawk fade 2019
Created By andycioabla

Nice drop fade with Spiky Faux hawk + Tidy Beard Style

Hybrid Hawk + Extra

Super Funky Faux hawk fade with every extra, spikes down the back + skin fade + Clipper Design Only The Brave ! Awesome Mens Hairstyle 2019