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               Author: Adam Powell

Dose Dropshipping Work?

With the death of the UK high street in full swing. There's never been a better time to take your business online. Which is why we created the ultimate dropshipping beginners guide step by step tutorial 2020 and beyond. 

Dropshipping is the perfect beginners online business model as the start-up costs are minimal and the profits are hight.

The main benefit of dropshipping over a conventional online store is its space and time-saving. If you had a website with 1000's items selling men's clothing for example you would need a huge warehouse to store it all which is expensive to run and insure.

Then you'd have to package and post the items again expensive and time-consuming! With dropshipping you sell the products online first, only when you've been paid do you order the item from your supplier who then ships the product to your customer? So you never have to store, package or ship anything. 

All you need to run a 7 figure dropshipping store is a laptop and internet connection

work from home

A huge benefit of the dropshipping business is that it stays fluid and moves with the trends! if you're selling trendy fashion items when that trend changes you're going to be stuck with products you cannot sell or have to massively discount to get rid of. With dropshipping this isn't a problem as you hold no stock you're straight onto the next product.

So you want to be an online entrepreneur? earn extra monthly income or even quit your job and work for yourself fulltime. The only problem is you don't know where to start the information online is mind-boggling. Don't worry after reading this article you'll be an expert.

We go into every aspect of the business from finding reliable suppliers to niche product selection and review the best platform to start your business online adventure.

How Dropshipping Works

dropshipping beginners guide infographic

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Entrepreneurs Favourite

Dropshipping in 2020 is the entrepreneurs go-to online business model for one very good reason the high Profits! unlike affiliate marketing where you receive a percentage of the item value as commission as a dropshipper you decide your own product prices.

This business model works great as part time side hustle or when done full time dropshipping in 2020 can earn you 7 figures.

Check out these two niche dropshipping website examples.

1. Kittenrules.com

Don't underestimate this cute dropshipping site it earns $4300 per month! it sells all things cat-related Bags, pusheen backpacks, jewellery etc. Cats/ pets are a winning niche they sell all year round "evergreen" it's A middle price product great for a steady income.

dropshipping UK 2020

Check out their best selling Pusheen cat backpack it retails at £52.25 A great looking site adds value to the product. Our quick Aliexpress wholesale supplier search came back with 29k results for cat backpacks most sell for under £10 making you an awesome £42 profit per item.

aliexpress dropshipping

Men's bags, ladies bags and more bags another great dropshipping site with you guessed it an evergreen bag niche people buy bags 365. This site makes an average monthly profit of $2800, this site gains trust by adding customer reviews, 100% money-back guarantee and clearly states delivery will be 2-4 weeks which shows us its a dropshipping site.

dropshipping example site

Check out the best selling Boho round straw shoulder bag. It retails for £22.72 we did a quick Aliexpress search and found 1000's similar bags for between £2-£9 including free shipping so again a winning item with a great profit margin.

aliexpress dropshipping example site

How Do I Start Dropshipping?

These are the main points to consider when starting out is how much time can you dedicate to the enterprise. What sales and design skills do I have. Set your self a goal of how much you want to make financially? The main time consuming factor is deciding on which is the best dropshipping niche for you. The best niche are what we call evergreen which menas they sell all year round.

Finding Your Nich Market

A Niche is a specific target audience. Its what you'd google search for you wouldn't just search for clothing, would you? You would be far more specific like 

ladies blue Nike air max trainers.

It's best to sell products your passionate about and have a knowledge of it makes life so much easier. If you like electronics and tech sell that don't try and sell lipstick.

Use google trends its a free tool that gages demand for your chosen product. You only want to sell things with high demand.

Best Dropshipping Products 2020

1. Women's jewellery 

Evergreen product

​Women's jewellery is an evergreen product which means it sells and sells no matter the season.

Low cost fast profit

​This unicorn set has sold 2540 units and has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Prices from £0.50 inc free shipping.

Do your research

Do your online research to find the best trending products see what Instagram influencers and celebrities selling.

2. Ladies Clothing

go to niche product 

Ladies clothing is an all-year-round evergreen winner, simply follow the seasons.

follow the seasons

Swimwear and sunglasses in summer, jumpers, coats and hats in winter. With 585,650 items of women's clothing to choose from on Alixpress, you can't go wrong. 

3. Mobile Phone Accessories 

Future proof

What's the one thing we all have in common in 2020? we all have a mobile phone in our pocket. Which means this is a super lucrative evergreen market.

many sub-niches

There are tons of niches inc phone holds for your car, USB battery packs, phone covers, screen protectors, replacement screens and so much more. Many of these items can be purchased for very low price.

Top 5 most profitable niches markets 2020

  1. 1
    Health and weight loss. supplements there are available. If you get your niche products, website design SEO and marketing bang on, this niche will be a gold mine. ​
  2. 2
    CBD oil is the buzz word for 2020. Research and identify your favourite wholesale supplier products then create killer social media ads the money will come rolling in.  
  3. 3
    Pet products. lucky for us people with pets are insane! and will spend any amount of money dressing up there pampered pooch for their next Instagram shoot, so take full advantage of the situation with the latest collars, clothing, booties, sunglasses whatever its a win-win business model.
  4. 4
    Gadgets and tech can't afford the latest apple watch or smart tech no worries you can buy an identical one online for under £10 so fake it till you make it.
  5. 5
    Games and hobbies there's enormous potential in this niche keep prices low "think impulse buy" sell fast and be on-trend. 


CBD oil

So is it safe to order from China?

People are emailing me daily asking if it's safe to buy from China. Well yes, it is now! I've been dealing with Alibaba since 2005 that's 15 years and 10,000s of thousands of items in trade.

In the beginning, it was like the wild west you had the pay via western union there was no verification some sellers were super sketchy but you soon figured it out you had to that's where all the profit was, you either imported from China or you were out of the game.

 I've had products from every niche from Jeans, clothing, sunglasses, tablets PCs, mobile phones, electronics anything you can imagine. But now things have evolved its never been easier or safer to import the suppliers are vetted and rated.

Aliexpress uses an escrow service which means the seller only receives his money when you have received and are 100% happy which your purchase.

90% of transactions go smoothly but when you think about it isn't that the same for any website you buy from?

Best dropshipping suppliers 2020

Now you've got a better understanding of what dropshipping involves we'll tell you where to source the best products and suppliers. Listed below are the best suppliers of 2020 each has pros and cons but these are the most reliable companies we have dealt with.

Alixpress created the original dropshipping model which is still our No1 choice. It works across any platform eBay, Amazon, facebook, shopify, etsy, wordpress everything.

Aliexpress dropshipping 2020
100+ million products free to join

No one else can match 100+ million product catalogue, 100,000+ suppliers, free worldwide shipping and profit margins of up to 2,000%. Aliexpress is free to join. It's a market place like no other its the new home of innovation. Any product you can imagine is on there plus there are daily discount codes to further reduce costs. They also offer a great online help and support. 

payment methods

Alixpress use an Escrow payment service, this protects you the buyer as the seller does not get their payment until you receive and are happy with the item.
Another bonus is they accept Paypal, credit card, bank transfer and western union. All payments use the latest encryption technology.



  • Worlds largest dropshipping supplier 
  • 1000's niche product banners and links
  • Free to join with high profit margins
  • Excellent online help and support
  • Escrow service plus Paypal payments


  • Delivery times can take upto 14 days
  • Competitive market place
  • Can take time to find your niche
  • Usual supplier issues
  • Language issues when dealing with China


Due to the growing popularity of dropshipping to be competitive in 2020 your going to have to go all out. With this in mind, dropshipping with Alixpress is, for now, the clear winner.

The support network is second to now when you use the affiliate links and vouchers the prices are insanely low and cannot be beaten. Some people have reservations when dealing directly with China but after a few orders its as easy as buying from Amazon. Another concern we hear is that shipping can take up to 14 days that's true but shipping is usually free so we cannot complain and it is coming from China. 

All you can do is tell the truth. We also add a small statement

"due to high demand delivery of this product can take a little longer please have patients feel free to email us with any concerns".

Aliexpress gets an amazing 4.5 out of 5 star Trustpilot  from 88,995 reviews.

dropshipping 2020

#2 Rated: SaleHoo

SaleHoo was started in 2005 has a great easy to navigate website and a large knowledge base. Its helped over 137,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their dropshipping business. They help you find profitable niche products with there market research lab tool.

dropshipping SaleHoo  2020

Unlimited access

Use the SaleHoo Directory to find trustworthy, low-cost suppliers who stock your chosen product. You get unlimited access to SaleHoo for just $67 per year including a 60-day full money-back guarantee. Check out Bootsies Boutique dropshipping success story 

payment methods

Salehoo accept all major credit cards and also PayPal.



  • Market research lab helps you find upcoming trends
  • Over 8000 global suppliers
  •  In-depth seller education center
  • Reliable easy to navigate website
  • 5* Trustpilot rating


  • $67 yearly charge
  • Not as many products as Aliexpress
  • Higher prices lower profit margins
  • Language barrier
  • Contains upsells


SaleHoo has simplified the process of sourcing trusted suppliers from around the world its the yellow pages of dropshipping, rest assured that all SaleHoo suppliers are thoroughly vetted.

Some might be put off by the $67 annual fee but we believe its worth it, the seller training and educational information included would cost $100's if purchased separately.

Plus you get unique Salehoo features like the Research lab ​​​​which simplifies a tedious product selection process. You also get to negotiate the price of the items with the help of their award-winning customer support.You even get a 60 day money back guarantee.

No wonder they earn 5* on Trustpilot. Start your SaleHoo dropshipping adventure.

Join Salehoo today

dropshipping salehoo 2020

#3 Rated: Wish

Wish.com is a free to join eCommerce beast bringing china wholesale to the global masses. It's free to join and is safe and easy to use as eBay or Amazon, unlike Alibaba or other chinese sites that can seem scary and alien to newbies, no wonder it's attracted over 200 million customers in only 4 years.

dropshipping with wish.com
untapped resource

For dropshipping Wish is an untapped resource its pricing is very similar to Aliexpress or DHgate. It got smart algorithms that seem to magically recommend products you actually want! the opportunities and resale profits are huge, lots of items free you just pay delivery.

daily bonus 

Inc all major credit cards also PayPal.

Earn daily bonus points for visiting Wish, 7 points earns you a 50% off coupon.

50% off coupon

simply copy this code kkbjbgq paste it into the Wish checkout.



  • Trusted by millions of customers
  • Super competitive pricing
  • Paypal safe payment methods
  • Daily coupons = big discounts
  • Excellent intuitive website free to join


  • Shipping can take upto 20 days
  • You must check product quality
  • Clothing sizes can differ from US, European
  • Check shipping costs

Conclusion: Dropshipping with Wish

We love Wish.com and will always use it in our dropshipping business the prices with coupons are unbeatable. Shipping may take a little longer than Alixpress but if your upfront with your customers is should not be a problem.

We always check prices on the big 3 Alixpress, DHgate and Wish one site may be cheaper in certain niches some are better in others, do your research.

dropshipping on wish.com

Paste this promo code into Wish.com checkout for 50% off


4# Rated: DHgate

Any research on dropshipping and you'll no doubt come across Aliexpress and Wish? DHgate is the 3rd biggest player in China wholesale supply game. And is determined to make its mark with a vast range of niche products at rock bottom prices plus DHgate is  free to join.

dropshipping on DHgate
payment methods

All major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and western union.

flash sales

Further incentive comes from frequent flash 60% off sales and new buyer coupons that add up to $88 in discounts.

buyer protection

​Another great feature of DHgate is their buyer protection, they will give you a full refund if the item is never received.
If the items are not as described you can return for a full refund or keep the item and recive a partial refund.



  •  Safe secure website DHgate buyer protection
  • 100,000 Niche products
  • Super competitive low prices free to join
  • Credit card plus paypal payments
  • Untapped dropshipping resource


  • Customer service can be slow to respond
  • Beware of fake seller pictures
  • Slow shipping times
  • No education centre
  • Double check clothing sizes Europe, USA

Conclusion: Dropshipping with DHgate

​With over 21,000 trust pilot reviews at 4* you can order in confidence from DHgate. There might be a few niggles in the system but its a massive website whith100,000 sellers. But with grade A buyer protection we confident you could run a large scale profitable dropshipping business just from DHgate.

dropshipping with dhgate

How do I dropship my products

Hopefully you've explored the suppliers we've listed above and chosen the perfect dropshipping product!  next step is how to sell them.

There are three main selling options. You can start an eBay or Amazon store "perfect for a side hustle second income" or create a dedicated website and run it like a professional business.

These is also the option to sell via social media on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Either option is right it just depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in. Keep reading for a step by step guide on how to implement these proven selling techniques.

Below are sales tips we've learnt from our years of online sales, it's a quick walk through on how to create your dropshipping advert and maximise profits.

How to easily make adverts for any sales platform.


Once you've found your amazing niche dropshipping product that will make you million's $$$$, for our example well use Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

Find the same product on eBay download the image's to your computer as seen below. These images are of better quality than the Aliexpress ones. Nothing adds value like good pictures.

Or if possible purchase one item from the supplier take and edit the pictures yourself.

dropshipping 2020
dropshipping 2020
dropshipping 2020
dropshipping 2020

Now that you've got the perfect product images to entice the buyer. The next step is the description, if you're in a competitive niche the only thing that sets you apart from the competition is your product description end of. 

You need to go into micro detail about how the item feels, sounds, looks, weights, waterproof,  everything. List what's included in the box, use descriptive words "I use a free tool called Grammarly to write my content it's a lifesaver if you've got no natural writing talent". 


f you're going to run a business run it well. Chances are buyers aren't going to know your dropshipping they think your just a standard seller who lives down the road. 

Treat buyer as a friend tell them its free shipping and if there are any problems drop you an email keep them updated. It all adds up to good feedback and return customers people will pay more if they have had good service.

A little tip I can suggest is that when you order the item from your supplier ask them not to put an invoice in the package you don't want your customers knowing how much you've paid for the product and how much markup you're making.

Best dropshipping platforms

1st option Ebay 

The easiest way to start dropshipping is to simply list an item on eBay. You can use a smartphone if you have the eBay App but using a MAC or PC is preferable. Using the instructions above create your advert.

Price the item so your profit is an x2-3 mark upon cost. Take into consideration the eBay/ Paypal fees it all come off the profit. If there's already a listing's on eBay for your item price yours in the middle not cheapest or most expensive.

Improve upon the existing listings write greater detailed descriptions use better images. Make sure you answer any buyers questions promptly. State that delivery could be up to 14 days due to high demand and offer a 14 day money back guarantee this all builds you feedback with equals buyer confidence.

Once your product has been purchased and the money is in your PayPal account. Only then do you buy the item from Alixpress giving them your buyers address "shipping details" Alixpress then ships the item to the buyer and the sale is complete. That's dropshipping.

Usefull links

eBay sellers fees

PayPal fees

Dropshipping on eBay 2020


  • Worldwide audience millions of buyers
  • Super easy to list and sell items
  • Your business can grow with you
  • Amazing backup and support forum
  • World class PayPal payment system


  • Seller fees can mount up
  • Lots of competition 
  • Can be time-consuming for novices
  • watch out for scammers
  • Feedback


eBay is an excellent start your dropshipping journey, it's a great safe easy to use platform that offers all the support and advice you could ever need via the support forum.

Your eBay store will grow with you whether your selling 1 or 100,000 items its all you need. If you stick to the rule 

Option 2: Shopify

Shopify is the next level to eBay and Amazon etc it lets you create a dedicated customizable dropshipping website that can be up and running in a couple of days. It's a user-friendly platform that can grow with your business. Shopify takes care of the payments, marketing and sales.

  1. 1
    Describe the 1st chapter, module or part of your product here. Try to keep the description concise but interesting. It's better to say something interesting in few words than to try and describe every aspect of something at the risk of boring your reader.
  2. 2
    Think of "teaser" when writing these descriptions. A good description gives a hint about your product. It makes the reader curious, but it leaves a gap - a little mystery - instead of revealing everything.
  3. 3
    You can add as many chapters as you need. Just duplicate the entire columns row to add new chapters/modules and adjust the text accordingly. The list shouldn't feel endlessly long, but don't shy away from presenting a dozen chapters.