How To Have a 

COVID-19 Safe Haircut! 

All you need to know.

how to have a COVID safe haircut

The New Norm

So at this time, they call the “New Norm” what can you expect from a simple trip to the barber's shop. What's going to make the salon a COVID safe environment! It's going to be a strange and scary experience for some people, especially older ones that have been shielding and keeping 2 meters apart for 6 months now they are letting a stranger get inches away from their face!

Book an App?

To start with a lot of salons are now operating an appointment only system to avoid packed out waiting areas and making salon hygiene easier by giving each time slot an extra 10+ minutes so the salon staff can disinfect the workstations & chairs etc. 

Make sure you turn up on time for your app if your early some smaller salons are making clients wait outside “so the closer you are to your app time the better” especially if it's raining. 

Also, arrive for your app alone unless you're taking kids, don't take a friend you're a big boy now remember.

Make sure you take a face mask with you, some salons provide them for a cost but a lot don't so take your own just in case. Make sure your mask is of the ear loop variety as it makes cutting your hair so much easier “avoid the masks with a band that goes around your head it makes the stylists job a nightmare!”.

Use the hand gel provided I ask my clients to thoroughly wash their hands with anti-bac in my sink before we start all this cleaning is a good thing, pandemic or not. Clean hands mask on jobs a good one! 

The salon should be taking contact details for every client so you can be tracked and traced if any of the salon staff get a positive COVID test.

Make sure the barber sanitizes their hands in between clients.

Make sure your stylist/ Barber has his or her mask on. I use an N95 rated medical mask that filters 98% of the crap out of the air. If the stylist ain't got no mask on your well within your rights to walk out the door! Don't put yourself at risk plus they will be facing a costly fine if they get caught. A lot of stylists are also wearing a plastic visor spaceman style. 

How to have a Covid-19 safe haircut

How to have a Covid-19 safe haircut all you need to know

Salons should either be using a disposable 1 use gown per client of a standard gown once then get a 60-degree wash if they are using the same gown twice ask them why?

Cash or Card?

Beware that some salons are now cashless and are only taking card payments so find out their payment policy before you arrive. 

But most of all enjoy your man time in the salon. It's invigorating to get a great  new haircut. You'll feel awesome plus you'll be supporting a local business that needs your custom more than ever and it's one more step back to normality.

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